Friday, January 3, 2014


Somebody shoot me. We've completed two days of Whole30. Both have been terrible. Whoever decided this was a good idea, I hate and love you all at the same time (Eric, I believe that was you!). Yes, even we get off our paleo habits and onto the junk food train around the holiday season. That is exactly why we jumped on this challenge of Whole30. In fact, the only reason really.

Unfortunately all I can think about is chocolate, gluten free cookies, and chocolate almond milk. Most likely why I've had a headache for two days...because I haven't had ANY sugar in two days. I believe it's called withdrawals. Going from eating plenty of sugars to zippo, nada, absolutely no sugars really puts you in a world of hurt. This Whole30 thing makes you EXTREMELY aware of what is in EVERYTHING. Which that in itself can be a gross thing. Sometimes we wish we didn't know.

Did you know that salami has corn syrup and sugar in it? And ham? Yes, that was also cured with sugar. Why do they go and ruin those things with junk like that? And all along I was thinking we were doing good in our paleo days! 
Where have I been?

The food itself is great. Ty has whipped out two amazing meals. Can't complain one bit.
One, because I haven't had to cook. And two, he has done all the clean up as well.
What a life.

The 5 things we've learned so far:

*Meal plan. It makes your life a million times better.
*Figure out snacks you'll eat during the challenge.
Your life with suck if you don't.
*You just might feel like dog poo for a week. Don't worry, you'll survive.
It may be removing all the sugar you once ate, it may be lack of water, or may be lack of eating.
Figure it out.
*You'll have more time on your hands...all because you're not in the kitchen snacking.
*You will start drinking more water. Somehow, you decide drinking water will be a substitute
for that giant piece of chocolate cake you wish you had laying around.

On another note, if you're interested in jumping on board someday check out the Whole30 website. Here are the basic rules (click on the link to view more details and see more links/info):

So now that I've really put the damper on the Whole30 and got you fearing for your life that it will forever be awful by starting this thing, let me be positive for a minute. It's really not that hard. Even on the website they say...battling cancer is hard, quitting heroin is hard, but drinking your coffee black is not hard. Neither is giving up paleo-fyed desserts. We. Will. Survive. Let's put it in perspective. Although I feel like garbage (so far Ty says he doesn't), we are learning true ingredients in all sorts of things; we are cutting out even more garbage than we ever have before, we are preventing our bodies from going through sugar highs and lows, and we're getting back on track. I sound like an
awful New Year's Resolutioner. I'm not trying to be nor want to be. Forgive me.

If I do die, then disregard the above statements. Otherwise, we challenge you to try this yourself!
Good luck to ya. And Eric, thanks for the challenge!