Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wrapping Up Whole30 +Another Crave Buster

We've got 2 whole days left of this Whole30 business. That's all! I feel like it was yesterday that I was that cranky person wanting brownies and chips. Probably because I was that cranky person wanting brownies yesterday. It's just that I've had my grandma's brownies and my mom's paleo treats sitting in our freezer I have to look at every time I pull something out of the freezer. It was a 30 day reminder that I couldn't have them. Talk about man power, I sure learned to resist!

Ty on the other hand deserves a million gold stars (or maybe just that one blizzard he craved during these 29 days). There were very few times he craved some random things, but didn't even try to minimize them with other food. Unlike me, I was bound and determined to find something. What a difference I can even tell in his hot bod. Yes, I just said hot bod. Part of the reason I married him ;-) 

So, to wrap up this Whole30...Are you all curious what we've learned? Probably not. And that's cool, but I'm going to put it out there anyway.

1) Headaches. Prepare yourself for the first few days, they will happen. Then you'll wake up and they'll be gone.
2) Cravings. They last about 2 weeks, then they'll start to subside. Don't be upset if they linger as long as 3. You'll find things that work to shove the thoughts out of your mind. Well, we hope.
3) Hunger. You may be hungry throughout the day or even before bed. Obviously you're not eating enough, however, once you start getting use to what you can and can't have your belly won't be hungry any longer!
4) Food obsessions. Trust me, everybody has weird obsessions. The way we think about food, eat food, etc. You start to realize it when you go grocery shopping. 3 weeks in, you'll start to notice that only one part of the store exists during this challenge and it sure isn't the freezer or cereal aisles. Food doesn't become your main thought because your body feels satisfied with all the good stuff you're putting in it.
5) You'll have lots of free time. When you realize there's no need to go back to the cupboards (since you can't have any of that junk anyway), that you don't need to do your "emotional" eating, and you recognize that you're actually cuts down on the time you're in your kitchen or on the couch wasting precious time in life you could be doing other things. Why not get that cleaning done rather than sitting at the computer snacking on chips? Why not organize that closet you wanted to fix up instead of having dessert? Catch my drift...
6) And by the very end, you'll realize that there's no real good reason (other than the very occasional times) to eat anything besides these types of foods. Because not only are you eating great things, but you feel amazing! What's better than the two of those things?!

Until then, I've got another little crave buster I whipped up tonight for all those out there still tackling the 30 days. It's all I could come up with considering we had very few things left to eat in our house...

*Banana Bread Mash*
1 small coffee cup
1 banana
5 filberts, chopped
handful of unsweetened coconut flakes
dash of salt

1) cut your banana in half, mash half of it into your coffee cup.
2) take the other half and cut it into small pieces and place on top of the moosh.
3) at this point you can either place this in the freezer for a chill factor or head straight to #4
4) heat a skillet on medium, dump a handful or two of unsweetened coconut flakes, a couple dashes of cinnamon, and a dash of salt. Mix in pan and continue to flip your flakes around until they get light brown and crunchy
5) sprinkle your filberts on top of your banana mash and pieces, then top it with your homemade 
salted-cinnamon coconut flakes
6) Enjoy!

So here's to some paleo treats and grandma's gluten free brownies on Friday...even possibly in the morning, only because we can! Thanks for the ride Whole30!

♡The Stanleys