Friday, February 7, 2014

24 Hours of Mishaps, Life Lessons Learned

Hindsight is always 20/20. Would you not agree? I find that statement slightly humorous, especially when someone can sit and talk about all those things "I should've done" for hours. And in particular, that certain someone is ME. Let me just let you in on my last 24 hours.

24 Hours of Mishaps

*Wednesday hindsight, probably "should've" gotten gas.

*Thursday*t! Really "should've" gotten gas as I'm driving over the I-5 bridge.
Running on E to work, you realize that you may not make it home in a storm on fumes
if there's any sort of traffic.

*Work my 12 hour shift. Realize it will take 5-6 hours to get back home. 
Knew for a fact that whole gas issue wasn't going to get me home.

*Work 16 hours instead.

*Booked room 826 (a hospital room) for the night. Picked up my care package from administration...two hand towels, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a change of scrubs to sleep in.
Go to bed hungry.

*Realized how weird it is to stay the night at your work when you're not working night shift.
The paranoia set in...what if someone accidently comes in my room. Awkward.

*Waking up to coworkers. Love you all, but very few people have had the pleasure of seeing me 
when I wake up. I prefer to keep it that way.

*Contemplate the drive home...decide to go find me some gas! Rolled up to two gas stations...
NO GAS STATION IS OPEN! Seriously?? I have no gas to get anywhere else.
I'm stuck in a parking lot. Idiot!

*Did I mention my phone had died at this point? Or that I couldn't find my AAA card?
Even bigger idiot. Gah!

*Sat freezing in my car until I spotted a man going to his car. He became my angel for the day!
Not only letting me use his phone to call AAA (they said it would take hours until they got to me), 
but going to get a can of gas for me...I gave him my only big bill I had (thank the Lord we
started carrying cash months ago for our budget!)

*AAA shows up and I don't have my card, but says I have to pay $8 for the gas. I had 
1-$5 bill, 2-$1 bills, and scrounged enough change to pay him for the gas.

*My new friend comes back to tell me a woman donated her 2 gallon gas tank so he could get
me gas, otherwise it was $10 for a can plus the gas. My tank was over 1/4 full at that point!

*Cruised home safely to my husband. So good to be home!

10 Lessons Learned

1) ALWAYS, always have a 1/2 tank of gas in your car. Always.
2) Always have a car the car. DO NOT take it out of your car.
3) Carry cash or keep $20 under your seat. It just may come in handy.
4) Think about having a small gas can in your trunk. Why not?
5) Write down AAA's number on a document for your glove box. 
Never know where you could misplace that AAA card.
6) Have a change of clothes & hygiene products for the times you could be stuck somewhere.
And heck, why not throw a couple snack bars in while you're at it.
7) Make sure you have a safe place to stay in case of those times you can't get home.
8) And if you stay at work (the hospital), be sure you grab the right size of scrubs.
Even if they're labeled "SMALL", they could be lying. Somehow a XXL didn't fit me.
9) It may be time for a new phone. Just maybe.
10) Never underestimate the general public. 
There are good people out there. More than you think.

And it all started with just one thing: remembering to get gas the night before going to work and in particular on a night before a possible storm (whether you believe the forecasters or not).
I've always known someone has looked out for me, but over the last 24 hours I have no doubt!
Praise Him for keeping us safe, for a supportive work environment, and rice krispy
treats when I got home from my amazing husband!