Wednesday, February 5, 2014

4 Weekends, 4 Hikes, 4 New Eats: Week 1, Part 1 (Head North)

Last year we didn't have one single New Year's Resolution and instead, we decide to have monthly resolutions. So similar to that, we've decide to do a spin off this month of finding time on 4 weekends to find 4 simple hikes, and only spend our monthly budgeted money on 4 food carts, cafes, or 'strants aka restaurants. Each hike will correlate with the area the hike is in so you can enjoy the two of them without having to drive across town for one or the other. We are hoping to hit all directions from the center of Portland...North, South, East, & West. The true blessing of the Pacific Northwest!

Let us plan a day out of your weekend and show you how living on a budget can be easier than you think. It's as simple as reading our blog in the middle of the week (hikes and food testing will be posted on Wednesdays and Thursdays), picking a day that best suites your schedule, taking to 
the trail, and gobbling down some food!

Part 1: Heading North
Hike: Moulton Falls
Distance: 5.2 miles, out and back
Trail users: great for trail runners, kids on bikes, a family walk, &
great swimming holes in the summer time!
Parking: Free!
Open: All seasons

This hike is definitely out of our norm. There was practically no elevation, but the great thing about this place is it makes for an amazing running trail! At times you'll hear traffic from the main road, other times the swift river and falls, and other times nature's dead silence. The path itself is lined with old trees covered in my favorite bright green moss which has such a cool effect as you look at a distance down the trail. The Moulton Falls hike includes three small waterfalls, the high bridge, and some amazing opportunities to see all sorts of birds...including a perched bald eagle!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post....because once you're done with this hike on a chilly winter day,
you'll be wanting a little something from the cafe on your way back into town!