Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ditch The Pillow, Make A Box: DIY Wedding Ring Box

2 special young people are getting married today. Probably the sweetest person you'll ever meet (Shelby) and the most outgoing man you can imagine (Jordan). They're young, they are in love, and they know exactly what they be married! So today we get to celebrate them amongst a couple hundred others who love them to death. Congrats you two love birds, we can't wait to see you two down that aisle today!

Shelby's request was that I make her a wedding ring box rather than a pillow for the ring bearer. And as the most easy going bride you'll ever come across, it made it fairly simple to just pick something and go with it. We decided to follow suite with wedding theme...a little woodsy-like theme with moss and the gray tule to match the wedding colors. Here's what we came up with!

What you need:
(all of which can be purchased at Craft Warehouse)
1 box, your choice of style
paint, your choice of color
1 small wood pole, cut to fit the center of the box
your choice of filler for him and for her
paper or wood hearts
paper, your choice of color, cut into triangles
thin ribbon, your choice

1)Paint your box, let it dry. Paint another coat if you so wish. Or if you prefer, stain it instead of painting it! 
2) While the paint is drying, have your husband cut the wood piece and glue into the center to make two sections out of the box. One for him and one for her. 
3) Decide what you want to fill the space (i.e. is he outdoorsy, fill it with moss). 
4) Then decide on one of the four options from above....write on your triangles and glue to a piece of jute for a banner in the box, place just the hearts in there, or put it all in there as you so wish! 
5) On the day of the wedding, use two different pieces of something (jute for him, ribbon or lace for her) and tie them to your rings. It will make it super easy to grab out of the box when the time comes to place that ring on his/her finger!

Congrats a little ahead of time, Shelby and Jordan! We hope today turns out to be one of the most amazing days you'll ever experience in your lifetime. We wish you the happiest and most wonderful marriage. Welcome to the married life!