Sunday, February 23, 2014

FREE Yoga For All You Yogis!

I really wish I could be one of those yogi's. I envy those people. I wake up, try to do some basic yoga, and then it hits me. I realize I can barely get my fingers to the tops of my feet (see below). AND it hurts like no other to be in some of those positions they try to get me in. Even worse is when they come around and push you deeper into a position your body already was struggling to get in. How are some of those moves even possible? Gah, I hurt thinking about it. Somehow I made it into my late 20s and I yoga-move like I'm 80 all of a sudden. Or maybe it's been all along. Who cares.

Well, I decided to be cheap (by no surprise to most of you) and skimp out on paying for yoga classes. Instead, I searched YouTube for videos for a while and suffered through most of those. Maybe that's part of my yoga sources may or may not be legit. I mean, I could post a video on there and people would never know I wasn't an instructor. Anyway, I just so happened to be looking through some of my magazines yesterday and found a solution for myself and an extra resource for you...

Legit home yoga videos via BHG! For FREE! Real instructors, legit/helpful videos, and they start you off with the basics. Of course, there are more advanced videos but we all know where I belong.
Let's just see if I follow through with my new free month plan!

Sure, this may just be a can only imagine what the real yoga looks like for me.
Work in progress!

Click here to sign up for the free month of yoga videos or check out YogaVibes and Gaiam.

Have a wonderful Sunday!