Saturday, February 1, 2014

High Tea With My 2 Loves

It's truly a blessing to get to see these two grow up. Getting to see them once, if not more, each week is pretty amazing as an Aunt. I probably get more excited about Aunt Cori Friday Dates than they do sometimes! And how can I not...trying out new tea and treats, ice cream nights with Uncle Ty, scoping out parks in the area, and playing "thunder and lightning". Can't get any better than that! 
They can't get too big in a week, but they can sure learn a million things in a week at their age!
Check out all the updates on these two kiddos...

-boy things are "cool", girl things are "pretty".
"Ev is pretty today and I'm cool looking"

-soccer. totally into it, loving the Timbers.
"I'm going to be a Timber one day"

-by. my. self. don't do it for him or he'll have a fit.
"Ima, Ima do it by myself"

-has learned way too many crazy faces. pretty sure we'll never get a smile
out of that kid for a photo for a while. welcome to age 3 1/2.

-trains & cars. enough said. loves them.

-packrat. will carry a purse, a doll, a lamb, and anything else that will fit in my arms everywhere.

-lots. of. words. this little girl is full of them! so close to getting all her colors too.

-total girl. dress me up, give me my purse, get my cell phone in my pocket, put big girl undies 
on over my diaper, & act like a lady.

-one tough cookie. gets knocked down, takes hard falls, and comes back with more drive.
sweetest little thing with the biggest heart, tough little bod, and a fire in her that I
wouldn't want to be around if you push her down. she'll get ya.

-dolls. it's her love. practically inseparable.

kick off those shoes and lay in this tea time nook

tea for 3 please!

the special cran-bar

nothing like plenty of sweetener...have at it big guy!


ok, seriously...SMILE!

over here, SMILE!

ya right Aunt Cori! No luck for me today. Can you believe they're that big now??
I don't want to believe it. Someone tell them to stop growing. They are perfect.
No bias whatsoever.

My heart melts with these two and I can't be more thankful for their parents...letting me take them when they should be napping, giving them sweets right before a nap, and allowing me to have as much time with the two of them. Not sure what I'd do if a week went by without seeing them!

♡Aunt Cori