Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hikes & Bites: Week 2, Part 1 (Head East)

Hikes and bites doesn't rhyme. I know. I'm not stupid. I've been running over blog titles in my head each time I blog about a hike or a new place to eat and CANNOT come up with something catchy. I've got two more weeks to think of something. Heaven forbid I come up with another non rhyming title like this one or one like that last one. Let's hope something comes to me, sooner than later.

Can I just tell you all how much of an ordeal this whole hiking thing has become? The snow crimped my style on week two, this weekend the place we were planning on eating at closed (for a good reason like having a baby of course), and then this weekend was a storm. Thank the Lord for some of our favorite people, Aubry & Jack, who we pay to be our friends and coaches at CFE. They may not be born and raised Pacific Northwesters, but you'd never know. They still wanted to get out of the car after our drive through the fog, a down pour, hail, more rain, and nearly 4x4ing in the Honda down the wrong trail. And all for the blog, all because I made a goal for ourselves that we had to hike once a week NO MATTER WHAT. Unfortunately that's the way my brain works. All or nothing.

I'm going to over share photos here because I can do that. And why not, especially when days later I'm STILL talking about every part of that day. And how cool to hike where we tied the knot 1 1/2 years later! So welcome to Wind Mountain! A place where some tie the knot, some come to hike, and some may do things I don't want to know. Nevertheless, a perfect short, steep, and covered hike great for stormy days, a quick workout, an amazing view, and allows plenty of time to eat in Hood River.
Did I mention the winds can be about 50mph at the top? Be aware.

Hike: Wind Mountain
Distance: 2.7 miles, out and back/straight incline and down
Trail Users: dog friendly, kid friendly (if they can manage an incline the whole way)
Parking: Free!
Open: All seasons

FUN FACT 1: there are many "obstacles" aka down trees, slippery when wet slopes, etc. that
make this trail a bit of an obstacle course
FUN FACT 2: at the top there are preserved Indian "pits". Unclear if used for ancient signal fires,
tribal lookouts, or pagan religious rites. Great for a wind block and having lunch in a pit!
The inner Native American in me was super into it.

All eyes on Jack apparently...

I went looking for Ty and found myself lost in the storm.
There's a reason why people say to stay put when you get lost.

The property to our wedding venue!

Camping out in the pit!

I've decided that no view is ever the same in the Gorge. Sometimes you have to look through a small hole in a pit to find more of those gems. No view will ever get old out there!

Thanks to Aubry and Jack for being troopers this weekend. I'm pretty sure there aren't too many others out there that would still get of the car after the wild ride we had getting there.
So it's time for you all to head east, catch a glimpse of the various views on a hike you wouldn't think otherwise to do, get caught in a storm, and eventually make your way further east for some amazing grub (post on the restaurant tomorrow!).

(and our friends, A&J)