Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hikes & Bites: Week 2, Part 2 (Head Further East)

If you've been following us, we're on week 2 of searching out hikes and new eats in all directions from Portland (N, E, S, W). This week we headed East to the Gorge, always our favorite. It just became even more of our favorite. Not sure that's possible, but nonetheless, get yourself East this weekend for a great hike and this place...

Don't worry, it's not that much further from your hike on Wind Mountain, but be sure to come hungry.
Solstice is the place to be for any occasion!

You'll want to start with a tasty beverage unless you plan on having 2 giant s'mores (yes, it happened).
How about a pickled Mary or sweet and spicy hot chocolate?

Then order up some fresh, local parsnip soup or head straight for several pizzas. You won't waste a dime for any variety of pizza you order, but be sure to order a couple. Seriously. In fact, order an extra one for your lunch the next day. You won't be upset, just broke. And that's cool.
Completely worth an empty wallet.

Care for...
1) siragusa pear with caramelized onion, bleu cheese, and fresh herbs (back right)
2) the special: homemade sausage with mozzarella and the "special" cream sauce (front right)
3) the award winning cherry chorizo with goat cheese and mozzarella (front left)
4) framani coppa with pineapple chutney and jalapeno crema sauce (back left)

Don't stop now. You may be full, but I don't care. Order a s'more or two. Two would be preferable. Trust us here. One for the restaurant and one to take to-go. It won't disappoint. Not when it has
a gluten free crust and homemade marshmallows.
I know. It's UNREAL.

Solstice is a family owned business which initially was started in Bingen, moved to the waterfront in Hood River (which PS-makes for another great outing after your hike and lunch), uses all local ingredients, and has not only pleasant staff but knowledgable. Who doesn't like people who know their food?! So nice and reassuring when there's no doubt of what is in their food. They not only do pizza, but offer a full menu of all sorts of other delicious items. We hear the coconut key lime pie is to die for, beer options are wonderfully local, and surprise surprise, they offer gluten free drink options. Let's just say it's gluten free heaven at this place! And unfortunately for everybody around me, I haven't stopped talking about it. Sorry I'm not sorry. In fact, I wouldn't mind a s'mores right now at 7am.

For events, check out their website or Facebook page....they just keep topping my list. Live music, belly dancing, wine nights, & weekend brunch specials. Yes, brunch pizzas. Who doesn't want pizza at 10am or for that matter, s'mores and a dirty Mary? Gah, I have to stop drooling.

In sum...take a quick hike at Wind Mountain so you have all the time in the world to eat and drink at SOLISTICE! Thank you Solstice for an over-the-top, amazing lunch.  We WILL be back for more,
lots s'more!