Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hikes & Bites: Week 3, Part 1 (Head West)

There's just a cool vibe when you start this hike. Feels good, looks good...then it feels bad and looks all the same until the very top. I might be slightly complaining a bit but I ended up having a temp of 101.8  so I like to think there was something that made this hike even worse (the coughing, the shortness of breathe, the aches, chills, etc). But true to our word, we stuck it out for another weekend hike! That means you all have to do it. Like seriously have to because we did...with the flu.

Our initial plan was to do this hike, grab food in Tillamook at a cute little tea place, then do a mini hike so you'd get a two-for-one deal and a full adventurous day. That failed when I obviously didn't feel well. However, if you're up for it hit up King's Mountain trail, go to La Tea Da for tea and a light lunch, then hit up the short (0.6 mile out and back) Munson Creek Falls (the highest waterfall in the Coastal Range at 319 feet). In the winter it's possible you may see the salmon spawning!

Hike: Kings Mountain
Distance: 5 miles, up & back. Straight, tough incline
Elevation: 3,226 feet
Trail Users: Adults wanting a tough hike & dog friendly
Parking: Free!
Open: all seasons, although snow may be a factor at the top

If you're up for it, there are many different hikes that stem off Kings Mountain. Take your pick!

What is this person above doing? Weird.

It took us 2 hours and 7 minutes to do this trail with a little running here and there.
As I said, I was dying majority of the way but it's doable!

Viewpoint 1 looking towards the coast

chapped lips = red lipstick appearance. All natural!

For a cloudy day, we sure lucked out at the top with this view!

And then our attempt to get ourselves in a photo...


Finally got one, but this time it was blurry! Awesome. 
A for effort Stanleys.

Twinsie hiking shoes, cool right? 
Funny thing is...when we first started dating Ty bought these for us without knowing that I die when couples match. Kills me. But now we are that couple. We are the couple with matching shoes. 
Thank goodness we're not exactly in the noticeable 'public' when we are matching.
Can't go wrong with a pair of GoLites that have lasted nearly 5 years from a 
good ol' Steep & Cheap deal!

Well, have at this coastal mountain. Good luck to you all!