Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hikes & Bites: Week 3, Part 2 (Head West)

You've got two options. Part one was our initial plan, part two is really how it went down for us after I got sick (minus the fact we stopped there after the hike, but same difference). I wouldn't have changed it because as many of you probably already know...Petunia's is well worth the stop! Can't go wrong when everything in that place is vegan and gluten free.

1) Get up early, make the trip to King Mountain,  have tea and a light lunch at La Tea Da at the coast, hit up Munson Creek Falls for a quick half mile hike to see the beauty of the tallest waterfall on the Coast, then head home.


2) Sleep in, stop in the good ol' trendy part of Portland, get yourself a tasty drink to sip on and a yummy pastry or two for the ride out to King Mountain, then use that sugar rush to hike up that strenuous trail before heading home. You'll be back before you know it and have plenty of time afterwards to get some things done around the house or meet up with friends for the evening.

Our Favorites:
*the salted caramel brownie
*passionfruit frosted coconut cake with berries
*any of their hot drinks on a cold winter day

Our Suggestion:
For those trying to be budget friendly....stop at this place in the morning before the hike. You can 
spend less than $15 for two treats and a drink to share with your other half.
For those of you who don't care...go after your hike. Try items on their savory menu and pair it 
with one of their alcoholic beverages.

Happy hiking and biting to you all!

♥The Stanleys