Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Salt & Straw Chocolate Affair

This Stanley crew of 2 made it out of the 'Couve two weeks ago and ventured into Portland. Crazy, right? We thought we'd splurge for two reasons...one, the challenge was over and we could have whatever we wanted. And two, we figured we should celebrate being debt free! By the time we got down to Alberta, we were so hungry we didn't even splurge on anything exciting for our lunch. However, we didn't think twice when ordering at Salt & Straw!

February is chocolate month all over the area (i.e. the big chocolate fest), but let's focus on what we all really want. Lots. Of. Samples. Especially when S&S wants you to try all their flavors. Never turn that down. And who doesn't want giant scoops of ice cream (even after all the sampling) from Salt & Straw when you're celebrating? Unfortunately we didn't capture the actual ice cream. Apparently we were a bit focused on devouring it that it didn't even cross our minds. But who needs a picture of ice cream anyway when you can go see for yourself?

So here's the deal. Get yourself to a Salt & Straw ASAP. Like I said, it's chocolate month and S&S didn't hold back. Things such as bacon infused caramel flavors, chocolate hazelnut, & boozy chocolate just might still be there when you walk in that door! Even if you didn't finish a 30 day challenge
or become debt free, I'm sure you can find an excuse to celebrate with some amazing ice cream!