Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Woodworker, His Art, & A Dedication To Those Who Have Served

Just by looking at a woodworker's art, you would never truly know the amount of time and work that goes into their projects. I don't say that because what turns out doesn't look like they spent any time on it, but because it's not until you see photos from the time they start to the time they finish that you will realize how much work, love, care, and time goes into each piece the produce. And to top it off, nearly everything is done by hand. Yes, by HAND! It blows my knitting skills out of the water in comparison.

We had someone special go beyond anything we could've ever asked for, who put every ounce of their thoughts, time, and love into the most perfect flag box for Papa Joe. He has the most respect for veterans and asks for nothing in return for one of the most amazing things we have ever seen. Ron, who is Ty's uncle, could not have put together anything more beautiful to honor Papa Joe's life and his dedication to serving in WWII. We cannot get over the beauty of this flag box...the perfect edges, the smoothness, every detail, and the sense you get when you sit and stare at the box, the flag, and those medals.

Ron has such a talent and again, he does it all out of the respect for those who have served our country. He sure hit it spot on when he said..."Everyone should know and appreciate that we are home of the free because of the brave men like your Grandpa." And I'm sure the rest of us would agree! 

And what's pretty neat is that Ron was able to finish this just in time for Papa Joe's 88th birthday. Sure, PJ may not be here in person to celebrate but that doesn't mean we all couldn't celebrate him from down here! Yesterday was the first day we celebrated Papa Joe's birthday without him as he watched over us. What a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate 88 years of someone's life, here or not.

A big thanks to Ron from the whole Cosby/Savage/Hunter/McCoy clan.
We can't thank you enough for such a wonderful way of preserving another memory of Papa Joe!