Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 Ways To Be Efficient & Productive: Check Off Those To-Do Lists!

Some of us have the wonderful ability to be satisfied with what is accomplished in a day. I envy each and every one of you for that and for those who don't pressure themselves with to-do lists. I am unfortunately one of those who pouts if I don't get a few things checked off my list. Sometimes I stay up late instead, thinking I'm accomplishing more. Then I realize that I'm losing out on precious hours of sleep when I get up super early to do more of the dumb list. It's a vicious cycle. I'm still learning
some life lessons, ok. Here are a few of my favorite ways to be productive, efficient, and check off
all my lovely boxes on my list!

Wake up early.
Nothing better than getting up with the birds, making a to-do list, and having part of it done before most people are up (mainly Ty). But let's be honest, those of you who have kids it makes it tough getting things done while they're awake. So why not beat them to the punch and have it all done before they even crack an eye? Ty is like my child in that scenario, just clearly not a real child. For some 
retarded reason, I love that when he rolls out of our bedroom I can say I did this, this, this and this. Kinda dumb.

Make a to-do list & prioritize.
I am a queen of to-do lists. Most of the time they have about 37 items I'll need to check off in the hours I'm even awake in a day. And somehow they all can't seem to get done. No surprise by most who think clearly and realistically, but in my mind I think I should be able to do EVERYTHING. The other important piece to this is writing them down. You can see all that is accomplished, all that still needs to be done, and indirectly make you realize you don't have all day to worry about one of those things. It's a great motivator and all you have to do is write it on a sticky note!

Turn off electronics.
I definitely have an advantage to this. I don't have a smartphone so I have never had any issue with getting distracted by my phone. So for all of you who ask me how I do "so much" probably has a lot to do with the lack of electronic devices as well as my poor technology ability. But guaranteed most of us attempt to be productive, but somehow our phones or computers get in the way. We tell ourselves that we just need to look up a quick way to organize on the computer and next thing you know you're browsing the world wide web for who knows what! True statement or what? So turn those darn things off for some time, make a plan to accomplish specific things, and get after it without placing a finger on any sort of electronic device. You'll be surprised how much you can get done!

Set a timer or plan a stop time.
It's as simple as that. For all those competitive individuals like me out there, set a time or plan a stop time for whatever it is you need to complete. It becomes not only a race with time, but a competition
for yourself. I mean, who doesn't like to make up games like who can sweep the floors fastest,
how quick can the dishes be put away, or how many items can you cross of the to do list in a day.
Great games. Really great.

Take breaks.
With enough work in the day, you have to find a little time to rest. Do I do this? No. But you should.
These bad habits of mine can't be broken after 27 years. Why would I take a break when I know I could be getting something done while the rest of the world is taking care of their body?
I'm learning. And in the meantime, take the advice...take some breaks between every task you accomplish. I mean, you kinda deserve it.

What type of things do you do to stay on track, be efficient with your time, and check off those to-do list boxes? Would love to hear some more suggestions!