Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Full Plate

This last week for us has been an unexpected (and I'm talking really unexpected), busy ride...and of course, we're loving all the doors that have opened up and the possibilities of some next steps in life. There's truth in that statement that 'when you're not looking or not thinking about something, it happens.' And things are happenin'. I'm kinda loving it. It sure blows the regular planned and scheduled things out of the water!

What I love more is that I now have secrets. Hard to believe since I tell all on here, but believe it. Some of those secrets are only kinda cool, some may be revealed in the next month (if all goes well), and some may not be let loose until the end of the year. And you all thought you knew EVERYTHING about us! ☺ But seriously, all of you who can keep secrets...props to you! I like you all for that. I only feel partly cool because I just now have a couple secrets since I clearly can't seem to keep my own half the time!

Well this part isn't a secret, just one of those things added to our plate I can share. I've been asked to join a Celiac Disease research study. It will soak up much of my leftover time in the day, but for all we know maybe there will be some added benefit in the end for all my Celiac friends! From what I know, so far they've seen some results in previous studies. Of course, I fear that whatever I end up having to take will be the end of me with this new product but I'm praying that won't be the case. I'll keep you all posted if anything grand comes from it!

Now that our plate is more full than it has ever seemed to be, I've decided I need some time off from blogging. If I'm dying to blog, I'll do so. Otherwise you'll just have to follow us on instagram @cstan512. Until next time...

♥The Stanleys