Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Purchasable (Favorite) Whole30 Approved Treat

Guess what we got our hands on? And guess what you don't have to put any time into making? 
Unless you can see the pictures on your screen already, you won't guess. In fact, you have no idea and I don't blame you. Scroll down and check it!

Sometimes it's the simple things in life...and it just so happens to be these Go Raw cookies.
Many of you already know about these wonderful cookies, but two things are new for us:

1) They now have them at Chucks. Awesome.
2) We had no idea they had the chocolate flavor. Bonus.

I could do without the gingersnap flavor. Not exactly my fav. But the rest, you can't go wrong!
You can find a variety of flavors in the Couve at Chuck's and Fred Meyers.

It's encouraged to avoid Larabars as they compare them to eating a candy bar while on the Whole30 challenge. So during our January challenge we never took a bite out of one of those bars and instead, found these Go Raw cookies for a wonderful substitute! (Although, we chose other flavors since we did not eat any chocolate, cacao, or cocoa powder during that time) 

They are perfect for those sweet cravings or a crunchy snack. 
For 5 bucks, you get a full bag...You can choose how long they last! Consider yourself lucky.