Sunday, March 9, 2014

For A Little Babe: A Gift Idea

It's so fun finding mini sized anything....clothes, shoes, hats, toiletry items, etc. Something about anything in a smaller version makes it a million times better. Would you not agree?

So when I went hunting for a little something for a new babe, I came across a mini leather jacket. I couldn't help myself. Seriously. I kinda got giddy like I found myself a leather jacket. And maybe because I have one, I kinda wanted this special little babe to be a trendsetter for her age at 9-12 months. Not sure if they can be trendsetters at that age, but I'm going with it. With a new book, leggings, 
and a leather jacket...a few Stanley homemade items were necessary.

*a hand knit 'worldly' beanie*
*a homemade heart onesie*

So who did I have way too much fun shopping for? One of the best lookin' mammas out there and her soon-to-come babe, Jordan Amani. You'd never know Emily was pregnant from the backside. Not that I was checking her out from that side, but seriously, she looks amazing. She glows as she always has and her little belly is just about the cutest thing!

Apparently at each ultrasound, each tech says the same thing to Emily and J..."Wow, look at her hair."
I had no idea you could tell a babe has that much hair. Who would've thought? 
Jordan, we look forward to meeting you, watching you grow in this big world, and to see 
all this hair we hear about. Congrats to the soon-to-be Mom & Dad!

A big thanks to all of Emily's sisters who put on a wonderful shower and let me be a part of
the family gathering!