Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Finds

I have nothing but good to say about these three things. Hot sauce with everything and dessert all the time. Ok fine, not all the time. I just wish it was all the time.

We initially had the Hail Merry pies a year ago in Colorado while visiting friends and I can remember telling Ty that I would be in heaven if the desserts ever came to the NW. Apparently I missed the one store that had them and now we're back to being in heaven again. Thank goodness. But now we also
have our own local paleo treat that is spendy but worth a try...Divine Pies. Straight from good ol' P-town! Check out the ingredients below and be stunned with healthy desserts (if desserts can truly be healthy, these are the ones).

This lovely company is family owned and operated. How cool? Go to their website & check out their story! Tessemae's also carries another hot sauce I'm dying to try and several dressings/marinades. We
have so many oils and vinegars of our own we haven't gotten through that we haven't bothered with Tessemae's quite yet. For those of you who test them out, let us know what you think!
(I was unable to find Tessemae's at the Bridgeport Whole Foods, but the Vancouver WF had it.
Varieties are limited, but you can always purchase them online)

Divine Pies. Mmmm. Look at those ingredients. People are so smart, making up desserts out of
raw, whole ingredients. I don't plan on reinventing the wheel, so I'll just buy these instead.
(Again, found at Whole Foods)

Hail Merry. I'm so glad you made it to the Pacific NW. For all I know you may have been around longer than I've known, but I'm glad you're around. Ty thanks you too...this one was his favorite which is a surprise to most of us since he typically goes for the berry desserts (he chose the choco-mint over the berry cheesecake, that crazy guy!). Rich in flavor, worth every penny.
(Whole Foods)

You'll definitely drop some cash on just these three items, but who doesn't when you go to Whole Foods anyway? Add them to your grocery list and then don't eat for a day. You'll live.