Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Home Decor Inspiration

If we aren't working, we've been taking mini trips. Seems as though I keep ditching the blog for
our own fun. Weird. This last weekend we took to the Southern Coast to visit two people who we
could spend days and weeks with, without a minute getting old. If only we lived next door to each other...life couldn't get any better. But because that won't happen, we'll just continue to make trips so we can have an excuse to 'party' (we don't truly party, we're too old) with the Looney's
 and stay at a lovely B&B.

When we first went into their home, I about died. Meg has done such a fabulous job decorating her home. I've decided I no longer need to search the web for inspirations when you can go to friend's homes for ideas on not just style, but organizing tips.

Meg has nailed it when it comes to living in a small home, placing the most perfect decor to fit her theme throughout, and utilizing decor as a way to organize (key to success I think!). 
Take a peek into this cozy place to find some tips & a little inspiration!

Use 2 Instead Of 1.
Rather than using one chair in the living room, Meg chose to go with two smaller chairs.
Both chairs take up as much space as one lounger chair, but instead of one seat you get the bonus 
of allowing an additional guest! Great way to use space and allow for more entertaining.

Throw in Some Words.
Anybody can get away with putting a couple candles on a shelf and call it good on their decor...
but why not throw in a little 'extre'! Find quotes, design it in a document (or cheat and use etsy or pinterest to have it ready for you), and frame them in some fun frames. It gives it that much more dimension plus another reason to draw people closer to each shelf!

Colors, Shapes, Textures, & Objects: Mix 'em up!
Meg has a way of using a variety of textures, colors, shapes, and objects that make a wall stand out.
She brought in decor from her wedding (great way to reuse ladies!), bits and pieces of their personalities, and various heights (use books to add height) to allow certain decor to pop.
This is one of my favorite decorated shelves ever (above)!

Buy Mini Versions.
So your house isn't big enough for that fire place? Maybe it isn't big enough for a big buffet. Well guess what, there's ways around it. Check out this cute, mobile fireplace! It pumps out plenty of heat, so it may not be necessary in the winters to use up your gas bill when you've got one of these. And how clever...turn it into a way for decorating as though it's a mantle! No reason to buy expensive decor either. When you can go out and pick your own lavender, let it dry, then go ahead and use it in your home for decor. You'll probably pay less than you would at a store. Great way to use various 
heights (above). Take some notes people!

Storage as Decor.
One of my favorites...utilizing a dresser for decor. What a perfect way to highlight the end of the hallway (without taking up space down the side of the hallway) and allows you to organize the drawers however you want. For all I care, put your undies and socks in it if you have no space in your bedroom for it. Or organize your craft items in the drawers. Nobody has to know, seriously. Such a great way to utilize a small space for organizing! And PS- can I have that dresser?

They are super popular right now, I know. But what a great way to save some space! Use a fun basket, personalize it for the dog, and put it on the top of the dog's crate. For one, it organizes all the dog's stuff. Two, it reminds you that you can only have/keep enough "stuff" for the dog that fits into the one basket. And three, placing it on the crate saves you from having an additional storage container lingering in the house or garage!

Who says you can't use a drying rack for a new coat rack by the door? I love this idea! His and her coats hang on the hangers, outdoor necessities in baskets for easy access, 
and a little decor to spice it up. Perfect!

We all live in smaller homes, so finding ways to bring in organizational decor is like a million bucks!
Meg, you have done such a wonderful job (and Ben, you've been great support too) on making your house a beautiful home. And as I said before, be sure to pay close attention to your friend's home...
there's always something to learn from others!