Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hair For Dayzzz

There's no real secret. Pretty sure it's just in the genes to have horse-like hair. Thick, lots of it, and at one point it was coarse. Not sure why it's not anymore and I don't care to figure it out either. We all know it didn't come from my dad (for those of you readers who don't know my dad, he's a good looking bald guy). My mom on the other hand, she's got the best thick, curly hair she never wears curly. I try to talk her into wearing it scrunched and she declines. Fair enough.
She's a grown lady, she can do what she wants.

Here they are...I get to call these two special people Mom & Dad!
And I can thank Mom for my full head of hair.
photo cred: Christie Engstrom

Seriously though, I get the same questions...'How early do you have to get up every morning to do your hair?' or 'How often do you have to do your hair?' or even 'What sort of products do you use to get your hair like that?'

Well, hate to break it to you all but there's no big secret to any of the questions I often get. I don't get up early in the morning to do my hair. Some days I'll set my alarm to get out of bed, make sure it's "good enough" to get by for the day, and then get back into bed for an extra 20 minutes of sleep if I'm good to go. I rarely brush my hair. A couple times a week is good enough for me. And washing it...that only happens here and there. Not long ago I made it 8 days without having to wash my hair. Sounds gross, well maybe it is gross to some of you. I clearly haven't cared and won't care even if you say anything to me. What happens is that I have this horse mane for hair and it takes forever to get greasy. So why waste the hot water on the hair when I can just stand in the hot shower for my own comfort? You feel me?

Here are a few tricks to my mane...

1: i don't wash it everyday.

2: i try to avoid heat as much as possible.
that means curling it one day and letting it get more and more flat everyday without
using any additional daily heat.

3: let it dry naturally, even if it means you look a little frizzy.
it will be good for your hair plus it will give you the new 'natural' look, like it or not do it.

4: braid it when you exercise and/or are out on a humid or rainy day. 
it makes it more manageable and easier to fix afterwards.

5: part your hair differently.
for some of you greasy hair people, it can cover some of those greasy spots.

6: wear it down for a few days. after a few days, pull it back for a "new look".
after a few more days, wear a headband...it hides the greasy roots.

7: i use cheapy shampoo and conditioner (Garnier) to wash
and no products when I use heat on it. you do what you want.

That's all I've got. Like I said, there's not much to it and some of them aren't real secrets either.
I've got no special product to convince you to buy or even a great hair tool. And maybe that's the secret...nothing really at all. All or none of that will be useful. If nothing at all, you've got the inside scoop on my horse mane. Just what you wanted.

And just so you know...I may not wash my hair very often, but I swear I shower often.
You'll just have to trust me on that one.