Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just A Cup O' Joe

Sometimes I spark up little conversations with people in waiting rooms, especially if they look like they're older than old. Call it nosey or a bit awkward initially, but I'm so interested in their life, how they think they've lived to be their age, keys to success, etc. Recently, I found two of my favorite...

*A 98, soon-to-be 99 year old fella. Completely with it although pretty hard of hearing. (And who says that's a bad thing...especially when, at that age, you've probably heard it all). He told me the only thing wrong with him now is that he's "not as strong as he once was." He blames it on having a back
surgery 10 years ago (not because of his age apparently). I also got to meet his wife while we were
all waiting for our massage appointments...he said that one thing about living to be his age is that
"you get to be married about 4 different times when you outlive your wives." This gal was
in her early 80s so I figured he chose her for the long haul this time. Well, maybe.
For all I know, he may be outliving her too.

*A 91 year old man who lives with his wife of 70+ years, walks faster than I do, and
meets his buddies every day for some Burger King coffee...and PS-he walks 2 miles (the "long
way" he says) to get there and then walks 1 mile back home ("the short way"). He just recently 
gave his bike riding up a few years back. How great. I'd like to be him in 64 years.

I'm not sure in my brief moments with these two men that I truly learned anything from them,
but how cool to have a little conversation with those who have been around that long.
It makes me wonder...if we want to live that long, is it that walking that keeps the one man
going or is it the friends and a cup o' joe?

I've never been a big coffee drinker, but apparently I may start only because I want to be the bike riding 90 year old. But I seriously don't like it for many reasons really. None of which are that
important, but I'll tell you anyway.

1- it makes me sweat so bad. Not normal sweat, weird sweat
2- it makes me more of a spaz
3- it stains teeth and I refuse to have that
4- I'd rather smell that lovely coffee smell than drink the awful bitterness
5-trips to the bathroom become more frequent than they already are. Yay.

Ty on the other hand loves it. I'm pretty sure we'd have no money if it weren't for our Keurig! It's great he can make it whenever & however without wasting a sip. However, I may have recently developed a little liking to a hint of coffee with some grown-up chocolate milk. On occasion we splurge and get ourselves chocolate almond milk. Not completely paleo, we know. But that's exactly why it becomes more of our splurge here and there.

Make 1 cup of coffee, split it into two cups to share with someone special. Pour your chocolate
almond milk into your coffee and heat it up to your liking. Mix together, kick
back, relax, and enjoy!

*Side note: 
Cane juice is not paleo and happens to be in this chocolate almond milk, but I guess if we're going 
to let loose better this than other alternatives we can think of!

How about an almost PALEO MOCHA with your breakfast or a cup to
go with a good book this morning?

Happy day to you all!

♥The Stanleys