Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Making An Old Room "New" Without Paying a Dime

Sometimes we need change. Not a big change, something minor is always nice. And free is always a good thing too. So we decided to change the scenery in the living room (well we did this a while ago, but who said I had to blog real time?). We turned the open space into a nice, close and cozy area with the new couch arrangement. Plus it's in a great spot for kids to jump off the side of the couch near the wall, do some flips onto the couch, and see how many pillows they can jump over. It's a great game as an Auntie, just don't take your eyes off of 'em. Just be sure to remind them they shouldn't do
it at home or else you may not have Auntie privileges again.

Welcome to the "new" room!

I sure cleaned this place up nice, didn't I? Figured I probably should before posting a picture of our living room on the internet. In fact, I think I striped the room of a few things so it looks practically bare
at the moment. Now that we've done this whole rearranging deal I'm getting the bug
for some updates...I know, I know. After I go and tell you all about "free" ways to make a
new room, now I want to make and buy a few things to mix it up even more. I suppose this will just have to be an intro to whatever I can come up with next! I'm thinking some homemade pillow
cases and a new centerpiece for the coffee table. Maybe some mini indoor plants will be necessary
with spring coming upon us, who knows!

Until then, go rearrange something for a new spring change.
Get creative, have fun, and if you have to, go spend a few bucks!