Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday's Fun Facts

Whether or not they're truly fun facts, I'm not sure. I definitely can't say these are the most exciting facts I've ever told you, but I'll let you be the judge.

1)  I get slightly motivated by these daily e-mails I get from a gluten free website...kinda weird that a gluten free website motivates me, but it happens. Sometimes it's a quick minute of inspiration and then I move about my day. Other times, they stick with me and I run with them. And by run with them, you can only imagine my brain running through all sorts of my 'next ideas'. Anyway, they're well worth that minute (or more) the motivation/inspiration lasts. My most recent quote that's been sticking with me is...

If that doesn't motivate you, I'm not sure what does. Kidding. Totally kidding. It just hit home
and I've got some things stirring in my brain that relates to it so I'm super into it.

2) I stayed up until about 530AM the other day cleaning out the basement, organizing, and reorganizing. I've officially packed up about 7 bags for a garage sale and one bag of garbage...
not too bad, right?

3) Spring break is in a few weeks, we're trying to get the bods into shape, lookin' forward to hittin' some hot sunny beach, and party, party, party!...Ya right. We're not. Doesn't sound like us anyway, does it? And let's be honest, what's really going to happen is the two of us cruisin' in our old Honda through Oregon or California (Yosemite). It's more like a Stanley car party since we'll be living in it for a week. We've got two ideas below, so vote on which trip we should go on. Or, if you've got some other suggestions, we're all ears!

(photo credit: top-traveloregon, bottom-alpine shop)

4) Ty's done with coaching boys basketball. Poor guys weren't very good this year. Better luck next year, right? I'm orienting to a new department AGAIN at work. This time to outpatient infusion. Just trying to tack on another job to my resume apparently. I seriously can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to different hours, a change in pace, and getting to know patients. Unfortunately, it's only temporary until they get someone hired and trained. I'll soak it up until then.

If you work a 4 10's schedule, give me some info on your thoughts...
do you wish you worked 12's, pros/cons, I want all the details!

5) Massage Envy is the place to go. Best. Deals. Ever. Where else can you go to get a membership plus a massage for only $60/month? Did I mention you get member priced massages (the 1.5 hour massage is the way to go!) My brother hooked us up with gift cards and I immediately became a member after my first massage (I've had two different therapists who have done an amazing job!). Now I want you all to do the same. I'm on a Massage Envy high. It makes it that much more affordable and I'm more apt to going several times a month for those prices! Plus you get to take advantage of all their other membership deals. I can't stop talking about it, but I will for everybody's sake at the moment.

Everything you wanted to know. Thank goodness for Thursday's fun facts, right?
Oh happy day!