Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Celiac Disease Research Study: Beauty Inside & Out

This is what I've been doing every night. Every. Single. Night.

I call into the CDSD line, a British woman asks me all the questions below, I respond
with a 1 or a 2 meaning yes or no, then she clarifies my response, and I have to respond
in the same manner yet again, 1 or 2. It takes up 5 minutes of my life every night. Doesn't seem like much but trust me, when you fall asleep in 2 minutes, it can easily put you to sleep while you're doing 
it  in bed. It also took $100 of my own personal money to pay for the additional cost 
on my cell phone bill in addition to the regular bill.
Don't get me started on that one.

I will forever have dreams about question #1...the way the woman says "loose, mushy,
or liquid bowel movements" is weird. Weird enough that it made me laugh every time.

Good news about this whole thing is I've gotten all the lab tests and an EGD for free.
We all know I love free. But the best part...I get paid to be a guinea pig!

So for those of you who didn't get to the update weeks ago, my lab tests came back in
the normal range for my celiac disease and the EGD...I'll have you know that the doctor said I had some good looking insides! That's what I call beauty inside and out!

So beautiful, it deserved to be shown off in photos. See for yourself...

However, because I eat 4-5 meals per day on my long shift days I was disqualified from the study.
The research group could only afford to give each guinea pig enough enzyme for three meals
each day...if only I didn't eat as much as I did in a day!

That's all I've got for ya in regards to my gut because I knew you were all wondering. 
As the British woman always said at the end of the conversation,
"Don't forget to check back tomorrow. Thank you & Goodbye."