Friday, May 2, 2014

Living On A 50

Remember when I wasn't blogging and instead I was blowing up Instagram. Sorry for that. Some days I would get out of hand and other times I'd go for days without posting anything. Definitely had no balance on that. Sorry for that too. However, today will just be a one time deal. I felt the need
to make this post before it goes way overdue. Then I'm going back to the calm before the storm.
We can update you later on all that jazz. Until then...

Remember the time I posted my 50 dollar bill and I promised I'd tell you what I got for 50 bones for a full month? Well this is how $50 was spent. And I like to think it was well, but don't we all
think that of ourselves and our choices ;-) Here ya have it...

1. Two balls of yarn to feed my knitting addiction.

2. Two birthday cards for two special guys, big and little.

3. One almond milk latte.
And that piece of hair in the background, that was free.
Pretty sure it belongs to me anyway.

4. One bunch of fresh farmer's market flowers.

5. Another ball of yarn.
No surprise, right?

6. $4 to buy into Cosby game night. Came out a winner...Won $10.
Increased monthly allowance by $6.

7. One Easter bunny cookie from the local bakery for the kids.

8. One iced coffee.
Not for me. And all because I lost in a game of hoops. I had to pay up with
getting my main squeeze (Ty, obviously) an iced coffee.
Tip: Never lose. In fact, never bet.

9. Two dollar tip for the first coffee, another dollar tip for the second coffee.

10. Five craft sticks.
Used to organize all the ribbon, jute, and scraps (see below).

(side note: I only ended up needing 3 sticks to complete this project)

11. One more ball of yarn.
I had to or I'd drive everybody nuts (I had no more yarn to knit with, very little money
to do much with, I'd finished my book, and organized the house).
I HAD to get a ball of yarn to keep me busy.

12. I donated some $ to Ty (because we all know he spends his money rather quickly).
That way he could join me in celebrating the end of the month by doing this (see below).

13. We went to DQ.
We splurged from our normal eating ways. And we'd do it again with no hesitation.
I mean, that soft serve. I haven't had that in way too long. Now I want it every night!
(Credit to Joe Murray for the idea. Let's be honest, it was probably the best idea of the month)

 Plus I got to share a lovely walk and evening out and about with the man who's
booty made a background appearance in the photo above. I like to think that's a great thing.
Plus that part was free ;-)

Anything leftover?...
You bet...3 bones and some change! I was able to splurge on some drinks, eats, crafts, donations
to Ty, home organizing projects, game nights, and a few things for others. Not bad, right?

My tips to you...
coupons, coupons, coupons,
find the deals, and
don't spend it all in one place!

So $50 doesn't look too exciting does it? To each his own though, right? Some of you may want it
for going out for drinks with friends, some for a movie night, or for some, who knows what else.
Clearly, we all have our wants and needs. Now you take a minute to see what you could live
off of for a month and try it out! Don't have too much fun with it ;-)


(a little note to you readers: our budgeting systems allows us to budget for a separate gas amount and groceries, so essentially this $50 is our "walk around" money)