Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stanleys, Where You Been?

Let's just say I jumped the gun a little too soon when I said I'd be taking a break from blogging. I do that far too often. Jump the gun that is. I haven't learned patience in the last 27 years, but maybe in my 28th I will. But seriously, one minute we're in the realtor's office and I'm saying, "we're not in a rush," "we're just looking," and "we probably won't buy for another year since we just haven't seen the one." Next minute we're putting an offer on the first house we had gone to. Seriously. Ok fine, maybe it wasn't minutes later. More like hours, but still. It definitely wasn't that "year" I told her from the get go. That's apparently where I also thought the process just goes smoothly from there on out. Who was I kidding? You're probably thinking, what an idiot....what home buying process is that quick and that easy?!

Well I clearly just thought ours would be that rarity and we'd be on the move in a short time. That's right about when I said I'd be leaving the blogging world for a while....because I thought our time would be soaked up in the home buying process. Partly true, but there'd be numerous days I'd go on doing nothing. Just waiting. Waiting a lot. And have I ever told you how patient I can not be sometimes? Especially the month I wasn't blogging, I had no money to do anything with, I had no yarn left to knit hats with, and I had a soon-to-croak crackberry that only worked part of the time. It makes for a rough life if you know that I have to be doing something, always.

So after that long haul of the normal home buying process plus a few extra minor things that extended the process...we are officially home owners! Welcome to the big kid life, Stanleys. Welcome to mortgages, home projects, and a ton of yard work (our place is on a rare double lot in the downtown area, so we may be investing in a riding lawnmower for this place)! And how cool that it turned into the biggest (literally) birthday present I've ever received?! Nothing like stepping up to the big world with new smart phones and a new home all in one day.

In case you were wondering, that's what we've been doing. Lots of paperwork, inspections, appraisals, meeting with various contractors, project planning, packing up our entire place, waiting a lot, and buying a home! So just a few things on top of everything else that was going on in our life ;-)
Although I tried to keep it a secret, that long wait just kept killin' me...so the secret keep leaking out
day by day. I couldn't help myself really. Truly, many of you knew what was going on and lots of you had no clue so technically I kept the secret from more people than I actually told. Good enough, right?

Welcome back to the blogging world for me and welcome back to those few readers that 
stop by to keep up with the Stanleys!