Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Realtor Everybody Wants!

I'm not sure what Ty or I would've done without our realtor, Amy Tierney. I'm not kidding you whatsoever. From finding us our first home, being so incredibly flexible, always available, honest, being my alternative phone service lady (when my crackberry croaked on me), and saving me when I had that moment of panic the day we signed. She is incredibly devoted to each of her clients all hours of the day. Again, not kidding. Those random questions or concerns we had at 9 or 10pm...she found the answer for us. Early in the morning she'd be right back at it. I'm not sure when we allowed her to sleep in the last 1 1/2 months let alone the rest of her clients. Looking back, we're sorry for that Amy!

I have to note that she did this all while having an infant at home. I find you slightly crazy in a good way, Amy. Not sure how you do everything you do! Some people can be damn good realtors, but you can pull all of that off all while being a great Mom. I suppose we can give Brad a little credit here too, right? You two make quite the team and we have no doubt you guys will do wonderful things for all those future home buyers!

If any of you are interested in getting connected to a realtor, Amy began her career years ago selling in the North Portland areas in which she has become very familiar with. She also knows the Vancouver area from living here and enjoys selling homes in the Beaverton area as that is where she grew up and knows the ins and outs! Amy works with Keller Williams and you can find her contact information
by clicking the link below or find her on Facebook where she posts updated photos of homes
she's showing. She's wonderful. I suggest you call her. Like now.

Amy Tierney with Keller Williams

photo credit: 
Amy Tierney with Keller Williams Facebook page

Amy, you have gone miles and miles for us. We can't thank you enough for putting up with us, all your hard work through the bumps in the road in this home buying process, seeing us all the way through when we signed at the title company's office, and of course, handing over that key! You ease the way of all of us home buyers and we appreciate all you've done.