Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well Hello, Again.

I remember when I once said "welcome back" a while ago and then I actually disappeared. Weird situation. Forgive me for my poor judgement and what I thought was a great idea. It obviously wasn't. My bad. Apparently, I thought it I could do it all...buy a home, move, do house projects, work, keep up with family and friends, and blog. Lesson learned. I'm definitely not superwoman. I mean, I did have blog posts prepped and ready to post but then we got to moving and house projects and guess who forgot to call the cable company to install our internet at the house? Oops! With no internet it made it a little difficult to blog. In fact, it made it a bit difficult for much of anything...so if you sent me an email in the last two weeks I still may be trying to work through them all (I doubt any of you actually sent me an email, you never have and will most likely never need to but just in case...I'm ready for them now). There was no way anybody could bribe me to blog from my phone either. I'd rather die then blog from an iphone. Ok, maybe not die. That's a bit overboard, but I definitely cringe thinking about it.

Anyway, we're not only back to the 21st century of wireless internet, but we also got an additional megabite (is that even the measurement of internet?) of speed for cheaper than our previous package. And we all know I love deals and budget friendly things. Now that's cool. Really cool and really fast. But on a serious note, how crazy things like wireless internet exists? It's beyond me. The whole idea of typing all this out for the blog, it going into space, saving on the world wide web for years and years, and that anybody in the world can read it. Hello to Africa, hello to SE Asia, hello to the east coast.
So weird.

I'll tell you what though....I've been thinking a lot about blogging. By the time we got the internet
last week I decided not to waste any blogs on a weekend that most of you were out of town.
So guess who's back (again)? The Stanleys. We back! What have we been doing?
I'll give you a little sneak peek.

When it rains, we work inside. 
When it's dark, we continue to work inside.

We have been moving. Obviously.
The move has led to random projects. Things like cutting out box spring into two pieces to get it upstairs. It had to be slightly reconfigured and back upstairs after the first attempts failed 
(Carter, the dog, was supervising as you can see)

We have been finding homes for everything.
Box by box, I can say we now only have a few boxes left in this whole house to go through!

We've been planning and organizing each space. 
And seriously, do it right the first time. That is, planning and then doing. Don't throw things in 
cabinets just to get them out of boxes. Trust me. You'll thank me later. 
Our kitchen is nicely put together like this and I can't tell you how happy I am to see all my 
white serving dishes in one place now!

Again, we've been doing more organizing.
Use baskets for everything....even your bathroom items. It saves a few seconds,
looks a million times better than clutter in the cabinets, and you can make it stylish where
nobody even looks. Slightly odd, but it's definitely one of my little obsessions right about now. 
Next time you go through somebody's bathroom cabinets (like mine), you'll find what you need with one pull of a basket.

When it's beautiful, we do work outside.
Why would we not?

The jungle has been cut down.
Credit to my dad on this one. It was weed-wacked, then mowed 3 different times. Each time
he did a strip of grass he had to empty the bag. Over and over in this giant yard.
I'm not even sure how much gas it took to do the whole thing but I can tell you I've had to fill
the tank at least once to mow the front two lawns and the back lawn. Did I mention I LOVE
mowing the lawn? My new favorite thing!

Family and friends have visited. All have asked to work.
Above is my mid-70 year old Papa climbing and chopping down trees and
he also cleaned out half the gutters. And he thought he was just coming to see the new place ;-)
Thanks Grandpa!!

We've been prepping the grounds and taming the weeds.
Eventually we'd like to utilize this space for something...composting, chickens, or something
else functional. For now, I sprayed 4 gallons worth of round up between this area and the area
behind where I'm taking the photo.

We've been fixing the porch.
Apparently the man who owned the home before the previous owners had blue astroturf on the
porch. Super stylish guy I imagine. The previous owners scraped all of it off, but underneath was left
as you see above. So we are in the middle of priming and painting...and I have to say it's already
our first mishap on paint color. It's just a little lipstick until we can eventually redo the porch someday.

We've been planning the front yard landscaping.
Have I mentioned I know NOTHING about yard work/landscaping. I wish I did, but I don't.
So instead of researching, I've been going to the store to buy a million trees, shrubs, and plants.
Bringing them home to see what works and what fails (so far, most have failed). Then
I go back to return them. I've done this several times now and I'm pretty sure the people at Home
Depot think I'm nuts, which is probably slightly true. Somebody tell me they do that so I 
don't feel quite as nutty.

We've been doing other projects outside for the inside.
Details on this guy will come later.

We also have taken a few breaks.
Because we can.

This was one of my favorite moments...catching my dad and Ty's dad in the middle of something 
good. Clearly. If you know my dad, we all know he really gets into his stories. I love that 
about him. And I just happened to catch it in the action. They deserved a little food and a good 
break for moments like these!

Many of the things above were projects from week one and of course we'll save our photos
of the inside projects until some of the rooms are completed. I'm learning that will all take
lots of time so if you don't see any full room photos it's because 1) I can't make decisions on how
to decorate OR 2) we've been working on outdoor projects instead.

A big, big thanks to everybody who helped us move, unpack, organize, clean, and do all these projects.
And an even bigger thanks to my mom for giving up days, hours, and her nights to not just help
but in doing projects we weren't looking forward to. Now we can say they are done...

Next project here we come!


PS-eventually I'll get to posting other things besides home updates, but let me get them out of my
system. We're only kinda excited about all this! ;-)