Monday, June 2, 2014

A Day With Two of Our Favorites

We may have been gone from this blogging world, but we sure didn't let these two get away from us!
We're so fortunate we live near them, see them at Crossfit, and of course have our Friday dates. They can never get too far away from us and they, of course, can't grow up too fast between the days although sometimes it seems like those changes are day-to-day. We're only slightly biased in saying they are the cutest and best behaved children ever. Seriously. I'm pretty sure some people at the gym would vouch for that. We are going to be in trouble someday when we have children and they turn out to be maniacs. Not sure how to deal with the complete opposite of these two little folks. Until those days come, we'll continue to soak up Friday with Aunt Cori especially when Uncle Ty gets to join in all this fun!

What to do before nap time!
1) take your little people to the Vancouver waterfront path for some bike riding.
it is never as busy at the Portland paths can get, it's free parking, and you don't have to go far
to get yourself a snack afterwards. plus you can stop by and say hello to the Stanleys!

2) break for some sand time and to build whatever their little hearts desire.

3) Take a free dip in the Columbia River, even if it is a semi-warm spring day. they don't care.
just be sure to bring a change of clothes.

4) cruise up Main St. and give the kids a few options to chose from for a lunch date.
(Mon Ami is great for crepes, Dulin's for brunch-like food, Woody's for some tasty fresh-Mex food,
or try to find one of the upcoming food carts in the area!)

5) before heading home, stop for some frozen yogurt or for some of the best in the 'Couve...
Ice Cream Renaissance. All of which are on Main St. If you don't want any 'scream, hit up Treat or Sugar & Salt for all sorts of baked goods!
(as you'll see, we went to Steakburger but it is now closed so don't try to go there)

When in doubt, just climb through to find it.

Yay for putt putt!

Ok Ev, this is how you do it...

Still trying to get the concept that it goes out the other side, but again, when in
doubt climb under to find it.

They only hit the ball a few times, otherwise the game was to see how many balls
they can pick up and just put in the hole. So we played "put-put" the ball in the hole
instead of "putt-putt" golf.

And then the adults fell asleep. Ok, kidding again. Evelyn crashed in the car, Casey had
quiet time with me outside in the sun, and Uncle Ty did actually fall asleep.

Thanks for letting me share the photos, reading the play by play, and bragging for a minute
about how much we love these guys.