Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cape Cod Landscaping

If you read the blog the other day, I let you in on a secret. That secret: I have absolutely NO idea how to landscape. Give me some yarn, a DIY craft, a good workout, etc. and I'm good. But picking the right shrubs, trees, and flowers that all can be planted near each other or that do better in shade versus lots of sun...my brain can barely take it all in! I get sucked into the internet, one website after another. I feel like I'm in school again. No joke. I've got fancy pens to color coat everything and a pencil with an eraser in case I mess up my drawing of the front yard plans. It's almost pathetic. But I will tell you what...I can tell you the technique on how to water rose bushes, what hard vs soft lines in landscaping means, and the list goes on and on and on!

I've decided that wandering through the neighborhood for inspiration, staying up way past my bedtime googling landscaping ideas, and researching plants has been the way to go. And of course, becoming friends with Home Depot and the local nursery people helps a little as well. Curb appeal is the name of the game (or so all these websites are telling me), so we'll see what we can come up!

What I've learned about Cape Cod homes:

1. foundation planting should be kept to a minimum or it will take over the home.

2. use native grasses to keep the landscaping original. plus the native grasses require less watering,
saving us just a few dollars here and there.

3. cape cod architecture is simple. keep it that way by using a simple lamp post (which is already
in place), gates or pergolas.

4. accent small areas with pots filled with color and texture. this is where annuals will go
to give the front yard some pop of color in those spring in summer months.

5. white, grey, cream, and yellow are great for the home while the other pops of colors come
from the pots.

Here are some lovely Cape Cod inspired homes of all sorts I'm slightly in love with. Whether it be a city style Cape Cod home or a beach inspired, it's so fun having endless ideas for this place!

love the green with white blossoms.

textures, colors, and shapes. enough said.
the greenery stays all year round, hanging baskets flourish in our sunny months, rocks
give a nice texture, and the extra growth gives it character without over taking this home!

simple greens and a fresh coat of pain to the exterior.
can't go wrong with the simplicity of this place to maintain the cape cod style plus
the maintenance is minimal.

the cape cod cottage style.
i'm in love with bush lined paths, but don't care much for a cottage style 
home for our home.

the city cape cod.
the cape cod home can clearly take on all sorts of looks. 
keep the cape cod architecture but landscape for the city.
gives the exterior a simple neighborhood city feel.

more depth and more color.
the option is there, however, I'm not sold on the the boxes for the front yard.
but maybe one would do for the back of the house?

absolutely simple.
there's something about keeping it all so simple that is worthwhile.

in love with so much color!
this home took on the color to shape around the house. only downfall is that these die off
in the winter leaving the front yard looking semi-dead. pick your poison, right?
but those shingles and deep blue with the thick white trim...so pretty!

Hours and hours of my time has gone into searching for all sorts of ideas. Can I choose a style? No,
of course not. Not yet at least. Have I decided what plants work best with each other? Negative. Have I taken about 8 trips to various nurseries and home improvement stores. You bet.
But am I learning? Absolutely! This is the part I love...getting old, owning a home, and learning.
My brain needed some new knowledge and it came at the right time.

Why are some of these photos blurry? I have no idea and I can't seem to fix them. Sorry for that.
Hopefully you get the idea. We're looking forward to the time we actually get to start working
on the front yard and of course, sharing the final product when it's all said and done!
Feel free to share tips and tricks...we're open to them all!

♡The Stanleys