Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Deal Of The Day: Porch Addition

Slow and steady is how everything is coming. I get all these days off from work, but it becomes a little difficult when it's a two to three man project....and nobody is around except me. That's the real issue. Just me and me as a new homeowner. I don't exactly know what I'm doing. I'll be completely honest. So instead, I am constantly finding more things to do around the house and coming up with more projects that could happen over the summer. Heaven forbid I continue to think of any more projects
or we'll die doing projects. Seriously.

I was telling my patient at work the other day that I'm constantly learning patience as I have about 50 projects on the to-do list (ok, maybe not that many) that I want to accomplish like now.
Her response was this...
"I always told my husband that if I wanted to order it to be done two weeks from now, I would've ordered it two weeks from now. But I want it now, so I'm ordering it now!"

I like the way she thinks.
Ty told me in this very slow voice, "We'll get all those projects done......(long pause).....
in the next thirty years." You can only imagine I about died. I'm too much like my mom
when it comes to this stuff. Come up with a project and we've got to get it done. Soon, real soon.

Anyway, the porch is coming along. One thing at a time. First the paint job for a temporary fix until we decide what the heck we want to do with it. Then came planting a few shrubs and some of my favorite lavender. And now we've come to the decor, which is the "deal of the day":
adirondack chairs!

In all that time I've had on my hands, unable to do a two man project, I searched and searched the world wide web for various chairs....all of which I loved seem to cost nearly $400 for two chairs. A bit on the pricey side, but of course, they are well worth the money when a woodworker is making them. But Home Depot pulled through. 2 chairs made of nice, new cedar wood, each $39!   That leaves it up to the chair owners for the stain or paint color to make them unique.
How cool, right? And what a steal!

If you're in the market for a good deal on adirondack chairs made of cedar and are willing
to put them together on your own, hit up Home Depot on your next outing before their gone!