Thursday, June 19, 2014

Landscaping Design

Remember when I was trying to find some ideas for our front yard? I searched and searched, downloaded app after app for landscape designing, and I even took it as far as downloading an app all about plants. That actually happened accidentally. I didn't read the fine print or was it the large print? I don't even know. But if you have questions, I have answers...and if I don't have an answer, I have about 10 apps you can look through to see what you can find. I also have the best piece of information you could ever wish for as a homeowner wanting to redo your landscaping design....

After all those late nights and long days of research I came across a local, family run nursery who guess what??? They do FREE landscaping! Even though I did all that research I'm pretty sure I would've ended up with the wrong plants, wrong ideas, wrong look for the house, and all around wrong.
But FREE?! You don't have to tell me twice!

What I will tell you is that they have a giant selection, great service, and are very opinionated for the right reasons (they know what they're talking about and most of us don't, let's be honest). Now is your chance to pinch those pennies by heading to the nursery for your free landscaping design. We purchased all our plants, trees, and shrubs from them and why not? Their prices are fairly comparable and why not give them the business after all their hard work in designing your yard?

I mean, look at this's huge. And this is only the back half of the nursery.

 All the employees know me now considering I go there about three times a week for more plant education, tips, tricks, and design. In fact, I kinda like to think I'm friends with them now...
I mean, I did get a personal drive by for exact tips at the house, spray painted lines for exact places
to plant everything, and at the end he even started planning out the backyard. And again...
did I mention it was fo' FREE?! I think this guy deserve a big present for all his work, don't ya think?

Now is the time to get your landscaping dialed in. Head to Yard 'N Garden Land in Vancouver (NOW) before all the others beat you to it! Tell Tim that Cori sent you...and he may hate you for a minute or I guess maybe hate me for a minute if he gets a million people in line for his work. It will
be worth the wait and worth every penny you spend on the best looking plants, shrubs, and flowers!

Happy landscaping!