Thursday, June 5, 2014

Let the Wedding Season Begin: Wedding Gift Idea

The wedding season has begun and oh how I love seeing people get married! Each wedding shows off their personalities as they shine through their ceremony, reception, decor, music choice, and what they place their importance in. I, of course, love the variety of food options (who doesn't) and dancing the night away with my husband! It's much better than hitting the clubs to dance the night away. In fact,
it's a million times better and you're surrounded by people you tend to actually know. But one of my favorite things is finding a gift that suites the bride and groom just perfectly...
and I must say, this was probably one of my favorite little baskets!

I have always given gifts straight off the wedding registries. It's what they want, so they should get what they want. Right? Well, my thinking has changed just a bit and no offense to you newlyweds. All you gift receivers get a little something off your registry plus some fun gifts to go along with it! And who says you have to buy everything on your own...why not go in with another couple or two to make a giant gift basket of fun for the newlyweds (help from the Bottomleys & J&A)!

These two lovebirds were easy to buy for, so when it came to deciding a theme of "fun dates" to put in a basket, they made my job easy. Check out the steps below to see how this basket was made!

Wedding Gift Basket: 
"Dates in a Basket"

Step 1: Figure out the total amount you're willing to spend and if you so choose, find another couple to go in on the gift with you and how much they're willing to put forth.

Step 2: Do your research. What does the bride like, what does the groom like?

Step 3: Decide how many dates you can afford with the total amount allowed.

Step 3: Match up a few registry items with their date plans.

Step 4: Go shopping. Get those gift cards, books, food, etc to focus in on the dates you've chosen for the couple. Be sure to supplement with items on their registry to fit each themed date (i.e. date night in: buy the food for pasta and supplement with the registry items like the colander, spatula, and garlic presser).

Step 5: Find a basket that will a) fit all the items, and b) can be utilized/repurposed in the 
couple's home.

Step 6: You may need some filler to plump up the base of the basket so the gifts stand near the top of the basket. Add labels to distinguish each date and a little something to symbolize the couple (i.e. a painted wood letter for their first names or just one letter for their last name)

Step 7: Finish off the basket with a personalized letter to the couple. If you're married, give them some marriage tips or some fun suggestions for their lifelong journey!

Step 8: Wrap it up with cellophane or call it good by leaving it open to the free air!


Some Date Ideas To get You Started...
*For the outdoorsmen: a book on hikes in the PNW and lightweight backpacking items to go along with them (i.e. a day pack, cups, etc.)

*For the tea lady: a gift card for two to the local tea shop, for either a lot of tea or a lovely little breakfast for the couple. Add in registry items such as coffee mugs, a coffee maker, or tea supplies.

*For a special night in: provide all the special, fancy ingredients for a pasta night that the two can make together. Throw in registry items such as a colander, spatula, and a garlic press.

*To get the couple out of their comfort zone: a gift card to the local climbing gym to learn a new skill together. Depending on where they're registered, you can supplement with outdoor items from places
like REI or your local outdoor store.

*Keep it simple: give them with a gift card for a movie night. Supplement with items such as candy (most likely not on their registry) and registry items like a cozy blanket or bedding.

That should get you all started. Have fun with coming up with date ideas and putting together
a great little basket for the newlyweds!

Congrats again to Shelby & Jordan!
Can you guys believe you're already nearly 4 months into your marriage?!

♥The Stanleys