Tuesday, June 10, 2014

S'mores, Forts, & Tiny Tots

Imagine all three of those things. Not outside. All of the above, inside.
Glorified camping is what it is. It's wonderful. A quicker set up, quicker clean up, no planning
ahead for a big trip, and it keeps them busy for hours doing the same thing!

Our normal Friday dates are the two kiddos and myself, but this special Friday my best friend Kari got to join us. And for those of you who didn't know this, Kari is an expert fort builder. The kids couldn't get enough of her! So our normal, simple Friday dates turned into a big event: a Friday "camp trip."

Between all the arts and crafts, bike riding, park playing, reading books under the fort, munching on lunch under the fort, and making gluten free s'mores in the oven....I'm pretty sure those kids wore the two of us gals out! With no doubt, I'm pretty sure we'd both do it over again and again.
Thanks for hanging with us, Kari!

(Side note: this was several weeks ago when the rain was in town so we had to come up with an indoor activity)

Above: the fort
Below: heads of two little tots with my nursing pen lights used as flashlights in a fort

Nothing like lunch under the walls of a fort...

Oven baked gluten free s'mores.
Not quite the same as a fire roasted marshmallow,
but when you're camping indoors it sure does the job!

I will do this time and time again. If you're ever free on a Friday, feel free to join.
We'll be here.

♡Cori & the two Sparrows

(Stay tuned for the gluten free graham cracker info post tomorrow!)