Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Take A Moment

I've been sitting in front of the computer wondering where to start such a post after the tragedy that occurred at Reynolds High School yesterday. I believe that all the personal posts on Facebook yesterday were well said and very heartfelt coming from both individuals who went to Reynolds as well as those who felt some sort of impact. It's truly amazing how a community of people come together after such an event, but many of us can walk away and praise the Lord it wasn't us and that our family all came home safely tonight.

In fact, I selfishly had those exact thoughts. When calling to make sure my brother wasn't teaching up at the high school today and there was no response, the fear and panic set in. Was he subbing there today? Could my Dad have been up at the high school for any reason rather than the middle school? Who was "the teacher" that was wounded? Could it possibly be a teacher I personally know? The thoughts and fear, the sickening feeling, and the wondering....all to find out my family would still be around last night and future nights. Again, I thank the Lord for the future days I get to have with both my dad 
and brother.

But last night and all upcoming nights, the family of Emilio won't have him home ever again. They will remember and cherish those memories of him. Friends will remember who he was and all will grieve the loss. No parent expects to lose a child. They don't expect to live many, many years longer than their child. They don't expect to never again have them at home and in their bed. Prayers to Emilio's family tonight and forever as they grieve their loss and move through a future that does not contain their son here on Earth.

(For those interested, the link below will take you a website where you can donate to the funeral expenses)

Time and time again, we will thank Todd Rispler, our teacher and our family friend, for risking his life to save the 2,000 plus kids and teachers. By racing to the main office in a completely different building and taking a gun shot that wounded him, he saved what possibly could have turned into something much bigger. And while all those websites come out with "the top facts about Todd Rispler", I think they continue to miss the most important things about him....he's not only a great teacher, a wonderful coach, at one time was an athlete himself....but he is also a father, a husband, a brother, a friend to many, and a wonderful man.

I can most likely speak for everybody out there when I say "Thank you" to that man and we are happy to hear your wife and your kids get to be with you for many more days to come.

I ask that today and in future days, we all take a moment of silence to send those prayers to Emilio's family, to thank the Lord you have another day with your family, and that there will not be a 75th
school added to that school shooting list.