Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Transformation Tuesday & A How To

Can't beat a quick transformation, right? Sometimes we just need that quick fix (and not like the illegal quick fix unless that's what you're into). That quick fix for a home project. Duh. It definitely comes
into play when your porch was once blue astroturf, then it was ripped off, and then it was left
with red, white, and blue cement. It's a job that later down the road we may want to
make a nice wood porch or redo it in some other way. But until that
day comes, we did this for the time being.


1 gallon Behr bonding primer
1 gallon Behr concrete/garage floor paint
paint supplies
(if you want to use a roller, be sure to get the 3/4in so it reaches all the crevices in the cement)

Day 1. pressure wash the area you plan on painting.

Day 2. paint the area with your bonding primer.
(allow to dry for at least 4-6 hours on a warm day, up to 8 hours, or over night to be safe)

Day 2-3. paint the area with the concrete floor paint.

Day 4. put your furniture on the porch and decorate the area.

Day 4 evening. have dinner and a drink while you relax on your new porch. 

Isn't it amazing what a quick paint job can do for the home? And how easy, right?
Quick to paint, quick to dry, quick enough project to enjoy your new view from the front porch.

Have fun making your porch your own!