Monday, June 23, 2014

Treat In The Mornin', Treat In The Evenin'

I like easy. I like on-the-go. I LOVE anything that reminds me of dessert. I'm obsessed with this easy, on-the-go recipe that can be purposed for breakfast and then repurposed as a dessert with the leftovers. And since I was challenged to another whole30 for 30 days for a friend's 30th year being alive (Happy early B-day Melanie!), I can't keep away from this. Fair enough, right?

As promised, I said a few days ago I'd get around to posting the goodies that go into this but be sure to test out your own version...if you're feeling like some dairy free chocolate chips, throw some in to spruce up the dessert. If you've got some other fresh fruit, dump a handful into the bowl. I'll leave the "goodies" in the bowl for your cravings, but below is what I've done as my go-to.

The Treat In The Mornin' & The Treat In The Evenin'

What's In It?
1 C full fat (canned) coconut milk, kept in the fridge overnight
1/2 banana, chopped
1 handful of fresh picked raspberries
1 handful of unsweetened shredded coconut
1 handful nuts of choice
1 dash of flax or chia seeds
1 dash of cocoa protein powder 
(protein powder is not whole30 approved, but I'm doing my own version this time around ;-))

And for those of you not on whole30...add things such as:
1 drizzle of honey
1 small handful of Enjoy Life chocolate chips
1 dash of chocolate protein powder (mix well with coconut milk)
1 (or 2) paleo cookie(s) to scoop up your treat in a bowl

Place all ingredients into your bowl. Eat it like cereal for your breakfast (don't forget to add a side of protein in the morning as well). For dessert, throw your bowl in the freezer until hardened
(at your preference of hardness) for a dessert. Or be lazy like me and just do the easy cereal way. It makes life that much easier. Enjoy!


PS-always remember to keep a can of coconut milk and coconut cream on hand in the fridge.
I was once given that advice and it's saved me a million!