Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You Live & Ya Learn

First time home owners make mistakes. We've made a few. Probably the first few mistakes I've ever made in my life. Ok, kidding. Maybe I've made a few more than that, but who's counting? First it was the wrong color paint for the porch, but thank goodness it's a color that blends in enough that you can't tell. But our second mistake? Doing all that landscaping design, planting everything, and then deciding to get a sprinkler system. Oops.

Now we have trampled hydrangeas, uprooted shrubs, and our driveway was demolished to get the two front yards attached (thankfully they patched it right up!). We've learned our lesson...
sprinkler system first, planting second.

Trust me, we have no problem admitting the errors we've made already. Yes, I know. It seems like step one and two would be a no brainer, but obviously we had a case of "excited homeowners" to get the yard nice looking that we jumped the gun a bit too soon. Things happen. 
We live, we learn, we move on. Now you get to learn from us.

And here's where we're at for the moment. Excited to see these guys up and running later tonight!

these poor hydrangeas and shrubs were looking much perkier before the digging
began. Now we've got flower petals and limp plants.

I'm super excited to have the sprinkler system connected to the raised bed garden area
as well as run right by the chicken coop. Life is getting way to easy for all our
watering needs!

eventually we want to put in a flower garden specifically for cut flowers on the side of the
house. Our guy is hooking us up with a mini drainage system to water the flower garden!

With the amount of yard we have, it will pay for itself in saving not just our time but
the amount of time we're spending watering. And did I mention how many times I've already
forgotten about the sprinkler in the backyard and soaked one area more than another?
I'm pretty sure it will cut down our water bill as well as be a little more earth friendly.

Stay tuned for our next adventures of the first time home buyers in the next couple months.
There's always something to share, something to learn, and fun projects to come out
of it all!

♥The Stanleys