Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 Random Things: A Nickname, A Washer/Dryer Hunt, & A Mini Escapade

There's three stupid things I have to tell you.

I went to my massage appointment the other night and my massage therapist referred to me as a piece of dried chicken or overcooked steak. I wasn't offended. Why? Well guess who still has a problem drinking water? If you have no idea, I'll let you in on the secret: ME. When I work I can usually manage just drinking half a cup a day and on my off days if it's real hot I will drink, at the most, a couple cups of water. Stupid and ridiculous, I know. Surprisingly I'm not in kidney failure and surprisingly I still function extremely well while doing a million activities (water skiing, crossfitting, running, working on projects at our house, working, etc).

Anyway, my massage therapist told me he once had sympathy for all my knots, aches, and pains. Now he doesn't and at now surprise. That's why he used the comparison he used...."you're kinda like a piece of dried up chicken or overcooked steak. Since you never drink anything, you've got dried up muscles that are tight, knotted, and hard to work through." So here's to being a piece of dried meat and finding humor in my massage therapist (good thing I like the guy!). 

We haven't had a washer and dryer in our home since we moved in....two months ago! Seriously. And if you think that's crazy, I've only had to do laundry once since then. It just so happens that part of the week I wear scrubs, the other part of the week I wear workout attire. Fortunately I have plenty of both plus I can extend my clothes washing if I throw in a few regular outfits here and there. 

But guess what?! We finally got ourselves a washer and dryer! I've only done 2 months of research and extensive searching online (the anal side to me set in), but to never get any responses from Craigslist or to find out they had been sold. It just so happened that I got one response back from someone I knew...and I can tell you God had a reason for it, but a reason I plan to keep a little secret since it has to do with another one of our secrets. But I'll have to leave it very vague. Sorry for that. 

Melanie, we thank you for letting us come get them late at night and hooking us up with very well-cared for washer and dryer!

The escapade? Try getting home to realize you left the house keys at the in-laws. No lights on at the house, no windows or doors to climb into, and at 10:45PM on a work night while two men (Ty and Curt) are trying to get the washer and dryer out of the truck while I'm using two iPhones as flashlights. Super weird and extremely sketchy looking. If our neighbors already thought we were weird, I hate to know what they think now.

You guys can't even imagine the noises as they guys got them unloaded and in the backyard...and then again from the back deck down the narrowest door and basement stairwell. It only sounded like we were breaking in, stealing, or having a weird evening gathering on a random Tuesday night at 11PM at this point. I only had one minor panic attack as the washer went down the stairwell...I wasn't sure if I was going to be calling a repairman in the morning or if I'd be taking Ty or Curt to the hospital because a washer landed on them. Just minor things, right?

We all survived, the washer and dryer made it to the basement, and we now can officially wash our clothes in our own home. Amen.

Those are my three random things all because I figured you should know what we're doing at all hours of the day and why it's hard to find time to blog. Good thing for early mornings!