Friday, July 18, 2014

A Little Something We Should All Have...

We could all use a lemon or lime fruit tree/shrub. They are way too cute not to have. Who doesn't want to plant a mini lemon or lime tree in a fun pot and let it grow in the backyard?! I apparently couldn't resist. I bought myself one of each and I don't even feel selfish about it. I have the room, I have the water, and I have the time to sit and watch them grow. And the fruit on them right now are darling. They've turned into my little babies. Believe it. They don't smell like a new baby, but they do smell pretty amazing. Just imagine me with my face all up in the bush, smelling that lemon or lime smell. Even if I don't get much fruit off of it, at least I get a whiff of it every day and that's good enough for me!

And the time to get now. The bigger guys are on clearance at Home Depot, if you can even rummage through what's left. And the mini meyer lemon can find those guys at Lowe's. They aren't in the fruit tree section though, so be sure to ask where they can be found.

Before you buy one consider that they do need to come inside during the winter. That may just mean putting them in your garage in a location that gets a little sunlight. Otherwise it will die and you will have just spent money on one good for a single summer's worth of sniffing. Which I guess is good enough, right? And if you're thinking about buying one but wonder if they will be too big for your space...well guess what? The mini meyer lemon is obviously mini and the dwarf lime tree can be trimmed as a tree or shaped into a bush. How lovely.

Now go get one. If it's not worth the fruit, it's worth the all-up-in-your-face kinda smell.
Happy Friday!