Friday, July 11, 2014

Beat The Heat, Have Fun In The Sun: Part 1

Ty is back in the Stanley household. I'm excited. You're probably not as excited, but that's cool. Believe it or not, I managed to get by with only cooking breakfast one morning and barely use plates or silverware. And yes, I ate every meal plus some. Let's just say I got by with napkins, lots of random snacking, a coffee date with my brother, and leftovers. Amen to leftovers.
Not sure where I'd be without them.

But in case you were wondering, Ty went to an Avid training through school. So while I was eating on napkins, he had his whole trip paid for plus comped meals. So somedays I got photos of oysters while other nights he was out for ice cream. Sounds about right for that guy. 
He learned, he toured, he made connections, and he ate well. And that's about it.

Ok, the real reason you came to the blog....the WOD. That's right. I got slightly distracted in the time I typed the title above until now. It happens all too often for me. Sorry for that. It's about time for you to get after this mini WOD before the heat sets in and get on with your day. 

20 Min AMRAP
(as many rounds as possible, so keep track of your rounds!)

20 walking lunges
20 sit ups
20 push ups
20 squats

For those of you who take the challenge of this AMRAP, post your score in the comments section below or on FB!

And for your outdoor activity...

The Hops are after the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes tonight at the Hops home field in Hillsboro. Go support one team or cheer for 'em both! They play at 7:05pm tonight. Tickets are anywhere from $7-$16. Cheap enough you can buy a couple for friends and take them with you.
Just make them buy you a beer or dog when you get there! ;-)
Click HERE to purchase your tickets ahead of time.

If you've never been, now's your chance to get out there after work to enjoy a local ball game. 
Have fun & stay cool folks!