Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beat The Heat, Have Fun In The Sun: Part 3

Your WOD...

30 second handstand
30 second wall sit

Then do...

250 double unders
or 500 singles for all you newbies

So go do it. Like now.

Your local outdoor activity, again with options for both kids and adults:

1) pack your bikes and head to Sauvie's Island. Bike around, stop at stands for fresh fruit and/or veggies, or go to a U-pick. Don't forget a backpack or two for all your purchases!

2) pack a pair of good shoes to hike/walk in and take to the Warrior Rock Lighthouse trail. It's Oregon's oldest Fog Bell and smallest lighthouse. Then head back to your car and stop about any of the farms for fresh fruit and veggies. Pick or don't pick, you decide.

please Google search Sauvie Island for times the u-picks and stands are open as well as info on the biking and hiking, depending on which you choose so you can be fully prepared.

Happy Sunday!
Soak it up before you all have to go back to work tomorrow ;-)