Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Flavored Cubes

I"ve been MIA. And I honestly think this may happen more than once. Sorry ahead of time. I can't quite keep up with documenting/blabbing as I can do on here. Instead I'm utilizing Instagram in full force. It's made my life way too easy in "keepin' up with the Stanwees." It may also make your life easier so you don't have to read through everything. It's just that you'll miss the little detail if you don't read. I'll leave it up to you.

You've all probably seen it all...we're housing, we're playing, we're summer timin', we're adventuring, we're doing what everybody else does with their summer. We're enjoying our Stanley life and we hope you all are enjoying every bit of life as well! 

Because I enjoy these little guys and it made for a quick blog post, I figured I'd share. As always, it's simple, it's easy, and it's quick. All three of my favorite things when in the kitchen.

So here you have it. 4 versions, 2 of which are refreshing while the other 2 are for fun. I mean, how exciting to wait until the ice cube melts to get that fruit at the end! I know, that exciting!

2-3 lemons or 2-3 limes
raspberries or strawberries
pomegranates (bought packaged and ready to eat from Trader Joes)

*The Refreshers*
Zest one lemon or lime into one side of your ice tray. Squeeze the fresh lemon/lime juice into each little cube with the zest. If you feel the need to make it a full cube, add a little water. Then, slice a grapefruit in half (Costco has amazing ones right now). Cut out each sliver and place in a cube on the other side of the ice cube tray. Then guess what? You got it, squeeze your grapefruit to fill the cubes. Place them in the freezer and pull them out to eat or place them in some cold water to add just a hint of natural flavor!

*For Funs*
Place raspberries or strawberry slices (1-2 of them) into the cubes of half your ice cube tray. Then place pieces of fresh mint with each berry. Fill with water. Just the same, add a glob of pomegranates to each cube on the other side of the tray and fill with water. Can't get any easier than that. Let them freeze overnight. Place them in some ice tea or pop them in your water and patiently or impatiently wait until you get to eat the fruit!

There are a million other ideas out there and yes, I know it's just as easy to add all that stuff to our water. It's just that it was kinda fun making ice cubes out of all the flavors. And surely we all know what Google is and how Google works. Utilize it. You'll get a handful of ideas for fruit cubes. 
Enjoy them in this heat and stay cool!