Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sometimes All You Need Is Simple

Lately I've wanted food to pop out of nowhere and land right on our table for every meal. If only that could actually happen, right? I could get so many more things done if it weren't for having to cook and eat. Probably why I all the time. I've been planning my days without much thought about meals until that moment I realize I'm starving. We all know that's an awful plan and what happens when we're starved. We eat everything. Well, I do and maybe you don't. But what's saved me? 
Two things. Yes, only two things.

An avocado and garlic and herb goat cheese. It requires no cooking, no baking, and no real prep. It's good for any time of day. Breakfast with some eggs, a snack, a side at lunch time. Why not?
When you're in a pinch or when you're lazy like me right now, it's great. Trust me.

I'm heading in to the MD's office today for a good ol' checkup. Praying for some good lab results, that there's nothing else wrong with me (because I'm a nurse and I secretly panic at every appointment that something could be wrong), and only have a little anxiety. Seems silly, but I hate the doctors. 
Send me to the dentist everyday, but the doctor...ugh!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!