Friday, July 25, 2014

Stanley Homefront Updates + 2 Rookie Homeowner Mistakes

The Updates
It's official. We now have a lovely glass door in the basement shower and it's safe to say we will no longer have any water draining out of the bathroom into the basement (the flooring was not sloped well enough into the drain so instead of going in the drain, it trailed out of the shower area and would continue for as long as you showered). The glass maintains the perception of a much larger bathroom than it really is and leaves the bathroom feeling very open.

We are in the process of a new roof. Seriously. As I type, I get to hear the slamming, banging around, scraping, and shingles fall to the ground as they smash my shrubs. Around our house looks like a natural disaster, but thank the Lord it's a man made disaster. Soon enough we'll have a good roof over our heads...By the end of today, the main house should be completed and over the next two days we'll have the single car garage and double car garage finished!

That garden of ours is growing like crazy. We have lettuce coming out of our ears. If you're interested in a salad, please come over and we can have a lunch date. Just wait to come over until the roofers are done, it will be much more pleasant without the noise and the mess.

Ty and I have decided that I am the breadwinner in the home and he gets to be the project king, rat catcher, and house husband for the summers. As I've been busy working, Ty has been busy catching rats that have been eating our garden. I only partly feel bad for the little guy and only because he was kinda cute. On the other hand we now get to enjoy our tomatoes now that he won't be around to eat them all! I apologize ahead of time for the photo, but Ty is excited for his was like Christmas when he came inside this morning, should've seen his face. Partly disturbing, partly hilarious.
(can I just mention Ty caught him with a piece of bacon...wondering if the rat was paleo?)

We are plugging away at the fire pit area, the laundry space in the basement, and at the basement.
Once we get any one of those completed, you can trust I'll share them!

Rookie Homeowner Mistakes
(don't worry, they're all laughable. nothing too serious.)

1. Do NOT go on a weed & feed frenzy.
I'll be honest, I never read the directions and/or suggestions on the back of the weed and feed bag. Probably why we have the problem we do. I was ready to kill all those weeds in the yard and make our yard grow the most beautiful, lush, green lawn. Little did I know that weed and feeding our lawn so frequently would not only kill those weeds, but kill some areas that would then grow bizarre grass along with mushrooms. That means we are now in the process of killing large areas of the backyard to rid the yard of the junk that's growing back there. Then we get to regrow some new grass. Yay (in the least excited voice I could ever have). Lesson learned. Take our mistake and don't go weed & feed happy or else you'll end up with a bigger mess on your hands.

2. Know your skills. Know your knowledge. 
Know that a little extra money goes a million miles.
We are excited to be homeowners. We are loving all the projects and updates we get to do around here and wouldn't change that a bit. Fortunately and unfortunately, we are a little too eager when it comes to completing projects (mostly me, but that's no surprise). When we found out we needed a new roof, we immediately planned an AMSAP (as many shingles as possible). The whole gang of family and friends were ready for a roof tear off and the roofing company was ready to come in the days after to put a new roof on. When you can save some money, why not do some things on your own, right? Well we had the drop box delivered to our house and set up the scaffolding the day before the planned tear off day...and although we knew the three roofs were steep, we didn't realize they were that steep. So that whole AMSAP, ya, it was canceled. We've decided as homeowners that although it's great to save some money, it's not worth the safety of those helping out. Sometimes the extra cost to have it done is worth more than having giant medical bills from falling off a roof.

Stay tuned for the full garden blog post so you can see how it all came together, suggestions on where to buy the garden decor and boxes, and/or repurposing that wedding decor!
Bring on that sun and enjoy another Friday!

♡The Stanleys