Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stay Fit, Keep Cool

So the other day I was trying to call T-Mobile's customer service and I kept having to rephrase EVERYTHING to the automatic lady on the other end. I've never had a speech impediment so why couldn't she understand me or get me to the right representative? I was so annoyed! It started out by asking me my location, then it was unable to find what I was asking for. She asked me if it was residential or commercial, so I figured my cell phone is a "residential" number. The whole time I was so confused....that was, until I realized I had dialed 411 and not 611 for customer service. Hello! 

Annnyyyway, it's hot. Really hot. Sometimes our back deck gets to be about 100+ degrees and it scorches your body if you're out there too long. Don't get me wrong, I love the heat but I retreat to our front porch in the evening so I can survive. Because I'm pretty sure I would die if I sat out back for too long. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

The heat is going to continue, like it or not. But if you're like me and still want to work out and 
keep cool, I've got a few of the easiest ideas for you.

1) workout in the morning before it gets too sweaty hot.
(I will post at home workouts each morning starting tomorrow plus a fun outdoor activity) 
2) make one of these sippers (click the photos below for the link) each day to keep cool.
3) drinks lots of water.
4) find some shade or a body of water, kick back, and relax.
5) take a nap because you can, because it's your weekend, & because it's good for you.

(ditch the sugar or just add a little coconut palm sugar instead)

Keep cool this weekend and try to get a little workout in each morning to start your day off right!
Have fun.