Tuesday, July 29, 2014

That Growin' Garden

Why is it that every time I go out and about, I find myself in the store's bathroom? Why did I go to the antique store 5 minutes from our house, stop in for maybe 15 minutes, and couldn't wait til I got home? Apparently I love bathrooms. Seriously, message me if you're in trouble and you need that emergency bathroom...I know who's open when, what ones are clean, and which have great decor. And it's been confirmed my gut is good after that EGD, so I can't blame the celiac disease. Instead, I blame metabolism. Or was it all the junk I had for dinner the night before (that cookie and Kind bar)??
That's all besides the point and you most likely didn't care whatsoever.
But tough luck, you got it anyway.

Anyway, you remember that garden I once exposed you to, but never got around to giving the details? Apparently I was a bit too tired working 4 out of the last 5 days with a 16 hour day thrown in amongst those. Not that you cared anyway because I'm sure you were busy doing more important things than reading the blog...like enjoying the beautiful weather! But that garden of ours, it's going nuts. And sometimes nuts is a good thing. Check it out, gets some ideas for your garden, some thought on 
DIY projects, and maybe even find your green thumb!

Welcome to The Growin' Garden

Letters: Michaels
Paint: already had at home (can find at any craft store)
Wall hooks (on the back of the letters): Ace hardware

*The Decor*

Old rusted rim: antique store

Window: garage sale

Chairs: IKEA
(the chairs do have a matching table that is super cute)

The table: garage sale find by my mother-in-law; ready to be repurposed!

The plates: repurposed (from our wedding)
The plate hangers: Joanns fabric & craft store

The ladder: antique store
The flower & super cute plastic pot: Lowe's

*The Produce*

given to me by Kari's grandpa and some purchased from a lovely older man
at the farmer's market...even planted a golden raspberry bush!

Lime tree: Home Depot
Large Pot: Lowes

Dwarf meyer lemon bush/shrub: Lowes
Medium Pot: Lowes

Raised beds: Shurway
(to have them pre-made it only cost approximately 6 more dollars...no brainer!)

The salad gardens fill 2 of 4 raised beds...
lots of lettuce, peppers, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, & cucumbers!
Google "free 4x4 garden plans" or "square foot gardens" to find more ideas.

Ladder garden: made by my brother many years ago!
Google "ladder gardens" or "vertical gardens" for some ideas.

Our garden doesn't have to be a place where we only water, grow, and pick. Why not make it a little place to have your coffee or tea in the morning or have a place to sit just to admire all your hard work in producing a lush garden! Find a table and chairs, throw up some decor, and make it the place to be!

And lots of thanks to each person who carried many of those items into the garden area, who shoveled the soil, who helped me with the decor, and to the mini drip system that helps me water half
of the produce back here. I appreciate every one of you!