Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Those Little Life Struggles

This picture below is not my struggle in life. This picture below is what we did Monday night. Only because I wanted to share my favorite place to be...our home, our in-the-process fire pit area, 
and what happens when you get invited to a BBQ at our place (you have to bring your own bar 
soap and bucket because I require you to make homemade laundry detergent).

But on a serious note, read below for my current, mini life struggle!

So maybe it's not a great secret by any means, but it's something worth sharing. You all get to hear about  everything we're up to, foods we're eating, random silly things that happen, and who
knows what else I blab about. But what you don't always get to read about is those real life things 
we all go through. And while this isn't any big issue, I suppose it can become something
much larger if I let it be. I'm not letting that happen so here we are instead.

You all know or can gather that I love doing a lot. And by a lot, I mean everything. Somehow I find
a little time to sleep and how, I'm not exactly sure. Knit hats, house projects, working out, 
trying to explore this earth, being fully there when spending time with family and friends, building our marriage to be stronger each day, working full time, and doing some things on the 
side not many know about. I've taken time away from blogging to keep up with the rest, but I struggle
with letting the blog go. In fact, sometimes I feel guilty for not blogging enough this summer. 
So silly, I know! I'm trying to cut myself some slack, so don't mind if I do. Ok?

But my current struggle...where am I suppose to be in life right now?
The blogger, the wife, the athlete, the food lover, the world explorer, the nurse, the new home owner...
The list goes on because I can't help myself. I enjoy it all. My time gets torn between them all
and it never seems that there's enough time in a day for it all.

Lots of questions and I know many answers. And for some, it's easier said than done. Some of us don't have the urge to travel. Some have no urge to own a home and work on projects. And some of us don't have family we're close to. Apparently I have three wonderful problems. I praise the Lord for that. I also Praise the Lord for the church service I just so happened to attend this past weekend. An answer to my prayers! I think He knows I'm suppose to be in all those places, but my struggle is and always has been, my time with them all. One day I'll figure it out. We live and learn, right?

So here's to my little life struggles, any of your struggles in life, and to finding that comfortable place 
in it all. They happen, they're real, and I'm just lettin' you all in on mine.

Love to you all this Wednesday!