Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Do You Know About Being 4?

I don't remember what 4 years old was like exactly, but I'm blessed to be around this guy who turns the big 0-4 today. He reminds us all of what 4 years is all about. So in case you forgot please let me know if you need that reminder, we'll be sure to send him your way.

I don't need to go on and on about Casey John because you all know we love him to pieces, how great a kid he is, and how amazed we are by this child. And like all you mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles...we are never biased, right? ;-) Plus, we get to praise him for the wonderful guy he' become to his face more often than he may have ever hoped for.

But what I will show you/brag to you about is his love for water and his new found obsession...tubing!
And what a brave soul to let Mr. John (my dad) pull him on the tube...because when Casey said faster, Mr. John listened. And when Mr. John listened, Casey John ended up on a tube with Uncle Ty going 22-28mph. Casey's response was, "I'm doing something that no other 3 year old has ever done before." I must say, he was spot on when he said that!

Happy Birthday Casey John!

He even wanted to flip off while going 25 mph with Uncle Toodles!
He may have swallowed some water, but he sure had the guts to do it.

Not a bad way to end his 3 years of life before he quickly begins his 4th year in this world.
Tubing. Boating. Boat Driving. Swimming. And some fish finding.
You went out with a bang lil man!

Love you everyday Casey John!

♥Uncle Toodles & Aunt Dori