Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Quick, Easy, & Inexpensive Laundry Room

I've been contemplating posting something like this...and by this, I mean the DIY laundry room. I'm not the first to do so in the blogging world, but I have to say it's semi-weird. Who really cares about a laundry room, right? And why make a laundry room look decent when, most likely, nobody will be snooping in your laundry room (except for people like me because I'm curious about all rooms in people's homes).

But I get it now. I get why people make a nice little room to do laundry in and I get why they post blogs about them. Because once you make a laundry room that is bright, fresh, and in our own eyes kinda cute...you never want to leave it! I'm only half kidding. And only because I have to split my time between all these rooms in our house I'm in love with. Otherwise I'd spend more time in the basement. Not that I didn't like doing laundry before, but now I LOVE it. I love washing, I love hang drying the clothes outside, and I love feeling super old school bringing wicker baskets in and out of the house full of clean laundry.

So how did we get by with a quick, easy, and inexpensive laundry room?

1. washer & dryer
(just so happened to be that I knew the seller, so we got a little extra deal ;-) You know who you are!)

2. shelving
-buy new at Home Depot or Target OR
-look at garage sales for old shelving to paint and repurpose

3. repurpose decor
-frame and old bottles repurposed from our wedding decor (otherwise, try Goodwill!)
-branches with fake flowers repurposed from our bathroom at our old duplex
-free printable from Just Another Day In Paradise blog

4. mini basket
-garage sale or repurpose if you have one in your home already
-Fred Meyers had some on sale recently

5. half painted clothes pins
-repurposed from my wood crafts box
-utilize some paint you already have. Pick a color and just go with it. Save yourself 
the 3 bucks and a trip to the craft store ;-)

6. clothes baskets

7. washer pedestal
-T to keep all cleaning supplies in the washer pedestal
-no need to buy anything if you already have your homemade soap supplies (back right in photo)
and pre-made soap jugs

8. dryer pedestal
-again, utilize baskets and keep drying supplies together. 
-Walmart baskets are cheap...get them now before I buy them all out.
They come in handy. Who wants to carry all those clothespins in your hand when you can 
carry them outside in a cute basket?
-separate dryer sheet scents...lavender to the left, regular on the right. Options are always nice.
-indoor and outdoor hang/line drying supplies 
(outdoor rope given to us for free and the "octopus" dryer from Ikea)

9. line dry
-buy cheap rope or utilize one from the garage that's just lying around.
-minimize your carbon footprint and save a few bucks. It's only a few, but you could
use that few bucks to get ice cream or something tasty while your clothes are drying.
You know I'm only half kidding/not kidding.

Depending on where you find your decor (garage sale versus brand new), you could most likely manage to "updo" that laundry room of yours for $100 or less. And in the end, every penny will be worth it because you'll want to spend your time in a bright and beautiful little laundry room.
If possible, repurpose decor from garage sales, reuse decor from other parts of the house, and if you must, buy new. Now, go see what you can do, how cheap you can do it for, and how quick 
you can fix it up. Have fun and post pictures because we all know that's been the thing to do!

♡Cori Lou